Sunday Announcements – June 10, 2018

  1. Incarnation Sunday Evening Prayer: The Incarnation launch team is meeting tonight for Sunday Evening prayer at the Grays’ home at 5pm. If you’d like to join us please let Liz know so that she can send you details,
  2. Want to impact 25% of our church? There are over 175 students under the age of 18 who attend Restoration every weekend. They — like you — meet in small groups to wrestle with scripture, pray, and encourage each other. They also play wild games and worship with live music! Curious about how you can get in on the fun? Chat with Isaiah about middle- and high-school APEX ( Reach out to Louise about preschool-elementary kids (
  3. Restoration is hiring a Facilities Coordinator!  The part-time Facilities Coordinator is responsible for maintaining a safe and welcoming space for the Restoration community by functioning as the main point of contact for all facilities inquiries, escalations, maintenance, and repairs. Find more info:
  4. Restoration Immigration Legal Aid is hiring!  Part-time Legal Advocate/Program Director and part-time Administrative Director. Contact
  5. Cherrydale Garage Sale – The Cherrydale Garage Sale is happening June 16, 8-12. If you want to volunteer to serve refreshments to hungry and thirsty bargain hunters in our community, please let Joe know:
  6. AFAC Farmers’ Market Runs Volunteers Needed – RAC is forming teams to support AFAC in it’s effort to provide supplemental groceries to our Arlington neighbors in need. Volunteers are needed to help pick up donated food from farmer’s markets and bag the produce. Join us any Sunday in July-Aug from 12:15-3:30!
  7. AFAC Cereal Donations: Cereal (low sugar) donations are collected in the lower Narthex every Sunday. Donations go to Arlington Food Assistance Center.
  8. Don’t leave without saying goodbye. In this area, people come and go all the time. We get it. But we’d love to say goodbye and pray for you before you go. If you’re moving away, please let us know: go to and choose “Connect.”
  9. Healing Prayer Training. Pencil in Saturday morning on July 14 as a time to learn from the Christian Healing Institute (through Falls Church Anglican) about the basics of healing prayer.  Questions?  Contact
  10. Clergy Emergency Contact Number: This is a way for you to contact one of our clergy if you have any sort of pastoral emergency.  Text or call 571.766.6495 to get through to one of them right away.

For those of you who like to plan ahead, we have some “summertime” changes coming to all that happens downstairs. 

June 17 – last day of regular kids’ small groups. 

June 24 – nursery @ 9, 11 & 5; preschool kids’ small groups @ 9 & 11 only

July 1 – September 2 – nursery and preschool @ 9 & 11 only