Vestry 2018

The vestry is made up of nine deeply committed, faithful, prayerful leaders. Each member serves as a liaison for a different area of our church life. Many also sit on the committees that advise the vestry on finances, the facility, outreach, and personnel. In addition to each member’s individual areas of oversight, the vestry meets monthly to advise the rector and make decisions related to the church’s finances and facilities.

Vestry members are elected to staggered three-year terms. Any confirmed member of Restoration is eligible to stand for election to the vestry. Elections are held every year in November.

Read a brief summary of highlights from monthly Vestry meetings in the Wardens’ Report on the blog.

Class of 2018

Dietrich Kuhlmann »

Dietrich has served as a facilitator of adult and kids’ small groups, a member of the finance committee, an usher, a counter, a reader, a greeter, gone to West Virginia, and volunteered with AFAC. Actually, why don’t you ask him what he hasn’t done at Restoration?

Meredith Taylor »

Meredith is a CPA, a runner, a huge Redskins fan, and a candy corn addict. Next time you see her, ask her to do a back flip for you.

Becky Mohr »

Becky should have the title of “professional small group leader” at Restoration; she and her husband have led an adult small group every trimester except for three. She also leads a large global HR team and has a passion for kids’ small groups and Apex.

Class of 2019

Sean Burke »

Sean is the guy who married the girl he took to the high school prom. Once a volunteer leader of APEX, he now leads his own three kids into adventures that include gales of giggles.

Chris Belen »

Chris is a young guy with an old soul. He takes great delight in his wife and three kids and lives in what was once his grandparents’ house. He is an encourager of others and his quiet wit makes him fun to be around.

Leigh McAfee »

Leigh is southern charm and warmth without the southern accent. Her heart is as big as her childhood home state of Texas. She’s even the kind of gal who’d travel halfway across the world for a friend’s wedding.

Class of 2020

Danny Lee »

Danny is Grace’s husband, Jasper’s dad, a runner. He strives to use his two eyes, two ears, and one mouth in those ratios.

Johanna Montague »


Kevin Marshall » 


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