Becky Mohr


For the past five years, my husband and I have lead a Restoration small group in our home every trimester except two. For us, Restoration small groups have become not only a way to serve, but the channel in which we stay connected to God’s call for our family, and Jesus’s very necessary work in our lives. Five years’ worth of small group brothers and sisters have shepherded us through the transition from young couple – just transplanting from work with IJM in India – to a  family of (soon) five – firmly-rooted and corporately-employed in Arrington. Through this transition, I have been blessed to walk with you, my Restoration family, as I have figured out what it means to be set apart in this very powerful, driven city, and what it means to be a mother among mostly unbelieving neighbors. While you have supported me, I have worked to support you through life changes, joy, and hardship. While we have grown together and groaned together, you have taught my children what it means to love Jesus, to be “church people,” and how to share the best part of the day (dessert time)! It is for this community, that I am honored to serve as a member of vestry.

As part of Restoration’s leadership, I hope to continue to use my professional skills and experience to help us walk boldly and intelligently into the post-construction phase of our church’s life. Professionally, I manage a global team of over 20 in the HR space for a large advertising and technology firm. I have called on this experience as I have served on Restoration’s personnel committee, helped expand our staff, written employee policy, and advised on people-management issues. I hope to see Restoration continue to develop and serve our talented staff who so effectively support a community-focused approach to following Jesus.

I also hope to continue to serve our children’s ministry. I still marvel that approximately 1/4th of Restoration’s Sunday attendees are kids, and that my four-year-old is convinced he loves Jesus more than anything in the world (even more than his bicycle or candy)! These are two amazing products of Restoration’s children’s ministry’s work. In the past, I have served as a kids’ small group (“KSG”) leader, a nursery volunteer, and an interview partner to Louise. It is my joy to champion KSGs and Apex on the vestry as we define who we are within Cherrydale and the Washington & Lee pyramid.  I hope to see us continue to take seriously the impact Restoration has on future generations of believers. It’s important to me that as my kids grow up in this very powerful, mostly unbelieving city, they are known, supported and truly changed by a group of believers at Restoration the same way I have been over the past five years.

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