Christine Jones


My name is Christine Jones and I am honored to be a member of the Vestry. I am married to Andrew “Burger Brothers” Jones. We’ve attended Restoration since 2009, usually the 9am or 5pm service. I may have served communion to you or prayed for you as an after service prayer volunteer.

I did not grow up in a Christian home and became a believer as a young adult. Some weeks I still cannot believe God chose me to believe! If you are a seeker or came to faith as an adult, I want to be voice for you on Vestry.

Three years ago, Andrew faced a life-threatening illness. Without Jesus (and the Restoration praying community), I have no idea how we would have survived. My faith has become essential to how I face each day, each decision, and each of my relationships. If you are even now walking through a valley of hardship and sorrow, I want to be a voice for you.

We have three children: Evan (12), Darcy (15) and Nate (18). In 2011, Andrew and I led a small group for parents of teenagers. If you have a child transitioning to middle school, high school or college, I want to be a voice for you.

I have also led a Kids’ Small Group (3rd to 5th grade) and have volunteered with the preschoolers. I heard the gospel as a child at a Vacation Bible School. Although I don’t recall this (my parents do!), it clearly had an impact on my receiving Christ as an adult. If you are a family with young children, I want to be a voice for you.

As a mother, I have worked (outside the home) full time and part-time, for myself and for others, both in the US and overseas. I have also had seasons where I have stayed at home with the kids. If you are a woman juggling career and family, I want to be a voice for you.

Currently, I am coordinating a ministry to immigrants in the Culmore neighborhood of Fairfax County. I have also taught English in South America, Africa and Asia. If you are passionate about Outreach and Evangelism, I want to be a voice for you.

In my free time (yes, I have this!), I enjoy cooking, hiking, and cheering on our kids’ sports teams. I do not have any pre-set answers or particular agendas. But I do like to listen and laugh and am always curious about the experiences and ideas of other people. While I don’t always feel “gifted”, perhaps the most important gift I bring is simply being one of you – trying to follow Christ more completely each year.

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