Hannah Royal


I have watched God’s hand work in powerful ways at Restoration and in the lives of so many within our church. Recognizing that this community has impacted my own faith, it is my hope that our church will continue to thrive as a place for many others to mature spiritually, serve others, and be known.

Since childhood, I have known God as my creator. Though I had a good foundation, it has largely been in adulthood that I feel like He has been shaping me to trust Him. I have received His abundant goodness and been sustained when I had nothing to give and I have been stretched to submit my own plans and desires to Him. Through this process of trusting, I have learned what it means to be obedient— not obedience to find favor with God, but obedience as a product of who God is refining me to be. I am thankful for many people who have walked alongside me, and particularly for the deep and meaningful relationships and prayer I have been a part of here at Restoration.

Since joining this congregation in 2010 I have served in various capacities, including as a small group leader and mentor, and as a member of the Women’s Retreat Leadership Team and Outreach Steering Team. I am excited to travel to the Diocese of Singapore’s Missions Consultation Roundtable in November and visit with partner Anglicans in Cambodia.

After receiving a degree in International Relations, I spent several years focused on human rights, religious freedom and human trafficking. God continues to use that time in my life to build in me awareness of the global human condition, both physical and spiritual.

Currently, I wrangle our three boys, Isaiah (8), Henry (6) & Barrett (4) and all their dirt, cleats and humor. It is both profoundly satisfying and mundane. Thankfully, I have a pretty stellar guy to navigate this life with and am thankful for Jed and the family entrusted to us.

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