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APEX Vision and Mission Statement

Our Vision Statement

APEX equips and empowers youth (6th – 12th Grade) to live by faith in Jesus Christ and experience the fullness of God’s love through teaching, mentorship and community building.

Our Mission Statement

Connect Youth to God, Others and to the Needs of the World

How do we accomplish our Mission

  • Equipping / Teaching – APEX “Main Event” – We encounter the word of God through thought provoking leader led small group discussion (5-7 kids a group) that immediately follow an evening of challenging visual media, guest speakers, fun games and music.
  • Community Building – APEX “Crowd Events” and “Hangouts” – Building relationships take time, shared experiences and trust. This is a time for the kids and APEX Leaders to go camping,  have LAN parties, visit coffee shops, paintball, white water raft, etc. (you name it and we’ll probably try it).   
  • Mentorship – The ultimate goal of APEX is for our Youth to enter lifelong safe and spiritually nurturing relationships with adults that will become part of their “Great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1).”

How we do it

High School APEX

  • We gather Saturday late-afternoon / early-evening from 4:30 – 6:30pm. We meet at the homes of our leaders, parents and in Fellowship Hall at Restoration Anglican Church.
    • We engage in adult leader led small group conversation about relevant and impactful subject matter that affects the spiritual direction / growth of our youth and we seek to answer questions teens are encountering regarding their faith. 
    • We study the Bible
    • We sing music
    • We play games, goof around, have fun. 
    • We eat.  Let’s face it, these are growing high schoolers.  So, we eat a lot!  
    • We Pray for each other

Middle School APEX

  • We meet Sunday evenings after the 5pm service in “Fellowship Hall” from 6:30pm – 8:00pm (on the 1st floor). 
    • We introduce middle schooler to what it is like to not only be in community with believers but to also engage in small group conversations related to our faith and growth.
    • We also play games, goof around, and have a lot of fun.
    • We sing together!
    • We eat!
    • We study the Bible.
    • We pray for each other.

High School and Middle School Service and Community building

  • We connect informally during the week. APEXers might meet up with each other or with one of their leaders to see a movie, play basketball, talk, or just hang out.
  • We serve others in lots of ways. Some of us participate in AFAC Farmers Market Runs. Some of us go to West Virginia or sing Christmas Carols at the senior living center or even volunteer in the worship service on Sunday.  There are many opportunities to serve locally and globally.
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