What does it mean to surrender your relationship with technology over to the will of God?

  • How would your interactions with work, family, and friends change?
  • In what ways would you find yourself more present at the moment you are in now?

You are invited and we hope that you will consider joining us for a timely seminar on intersecting technology and the wisdom of God.

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  • John Dyer – Author, Speaker and Instructor at Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Justin Whitmel Earley – Author, Speaker, Founder of “The Common Rule”
  • J.R. – Leading Artificial Intelligence Research Engineer
  • Isaiah Brooms – Director of Youth Ministry  (Restoration Anglican Church), Seminar Organizer, Postulant.
  • “Screenagers” Screening and Panel Discussion

Small Group Breakout Sessions

  • “Screenagers” Screening and Panel Discussion – Friday Night Only
  • John Dyer Breakout Session – “From the Garden to the City”
    • Where does technology belong in the biblical story of redemption? Believers and unbelievers alike are saturated with technology, yet most give it little if any thought. Consumers buy and upgrade as fast as they can, largely unaware of technology’s subtle yet powerful influence. In a world where technology changes almost daily, many are left to wonder: Should Christians embrace all that is happening? Are there some technologies that we need to avoid? Does the Bible give us any guidance on how to use digital tools and social media?
      As an experienced Web developer and writer on technology and culture, I will attempt to answer these questions and more by walking through the story of the Bible and introducing key ideas about how technology and culture interact.  For anyone interested in understanding how technology fits with faith, From the Garden to the City fills the gap for a biblically-informed perspective in a technological world.
  • Justin Whitmel Earley Breakout Session – “The Common Rule”
    • If we are going to live lives shaped by the love of God and neighbor, we need to think about our habits. The vast majority of our lives are governed by habit. We are not formed simply by our deepest beliefs & greatest aspirations, but also the most ordinary of habits that guide our everyday lives. We usually don’t think about these habits – & that’s why they matter so much. TO LIVE IN THE WORLD IS TO BE FORMED. If we are not attentive to our formation, then someone else will do it for us. The Common Rules are rooted in the belief that the place we live in is always forming us, & we need counter-formational habits of grace to resist the grooves of busyness, consumerism, vanity & injustice that we will otherwise be formed in should we choose to do nothing. Some encourage embrace of the good, some require the resistance of evil, all of them are ways of grace.

  • J.R.  Breakout Session – “Digital Citizens of Heaven”
    • Why do we treat people online different than we do in person, even when not anonymous (flame wars!)?
    • How do A.I. algorithms reduce diversity in our thoughts?
    • Why are we constantly bombarded with “breaking” news? How can we tell the difference between “new” and “important?”
    • Why are we willing to engage in “virtual” activities that we would be far less likely to engage in “the real world?”
    • How do otherwise “nice” people turn into online trolls?

    The answers to these lie in how the human brain works, and optimizes information processing. I’d like to describe some of the “bugs” in human cognition that technology companies exploit, either intentionally or unintentionally, why we act the way that we do online, and focus on suggestion for how to thrive online. Most of these dynamics pre-date the internet, and a reflection of humanity more than technology. Technology exposes the chinks in our amor, but the chinks have always been there. But just as our vices follow us online, our virtues can as well. I offer some thoughts on how we can be better “Digital Citizens of Heaven”.

Dates and Times

Friday, November 2nd (7:00 pm – 9:00 pm)

  • Screenagers Screening and Panel Discussion
    • All are welcome, however, this evening is geared towards teenagers and their caregivers and is open to the Northern Virginia public.

Saturday, November 3rd (8:00 am – 12:00 pm)

  • Keynote Speakers and Small Group Breakouts
    • Saturday is geared toward all members of our congregation.  The speakers and topics will span the array of situations in which we are invited to intentionally release our interactions with technology to the will of God.

Parking (Washington Lee High School)


PREVIEW (Short Clips)

Rev. David Hanke

Artificial Intelligence Research Engineer

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John Dyer (coming soon)

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Screenagers Preview


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