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Thus proper sitting buy provera 10 mg with amex, sleeping purchase 10mg provera otc, walking, and working positions, coupled with appropriate exercises, help maintain good posture and chest expansion. Because hip and shoulder joints are often affected, you should exercise the range of motion of these joints even before you observe any symptoms or limited motion there. Family life • People with AS generally have a very fulfilling and productive life. You can raise children just like anyone else because the disease usually does not interfere with family life. You should discuss the use of any drug at these times with your doctor. Patients with severe hip involvement benefit from total hip joint replacement surgery (see Chapter 8). It also discusses housework, dressing and grooming, child bearing and child care. Sports and recreational activities • Sports and recreational activities that encourage good posture as well as arching of the back (extension) and rotation of the trunk are recom- mended. These include walking, hiking, swim- ming, tennis, badminton, cross-country skiing, and archery. However, not everyone can tolerate jarring activities. This exer- cise is especially good for general cardiovascular conditioning, strengthening the leg muscles, and exercising the hip and knee joints. Car driving • You may find difficulty driving if you have impaired mobility of your neck. In particular, it may be difficult to back the car into tight parking spaces because you cannot turn and twist your back and neck to look behind you. Have some practice sessions driving and backing up the car in an open area to become comfortable using these mirrors. A small hand mirror may be of use in special situations in thefacts 81 AS-11(75-86) 5/29/02 5:51 PM Page 82 Ankylosing spondylitis: the facts avoiding ‘blind spot’. Remember that the stiff neck of an AS patient is more vulnerable to injury than a normal neck. The top of the car seat’s head restraint should be level with the top of the your head, and the restraint should be adjustable and as close to the back of your head as possible. Impact of AS on employment and earning capacity • Most people with AS are able to cope well, con- tinuing a very productive and active lifestyle. Read the chapter ‘Staying employed’ in the book Straight talk on spondylitis for more information. This can be arranged on consultation with the employer.

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She occasionally takes acetaminophen and occasionally uses alcohol but does not use cigarettes or I buy cheap provera 5 mg online. She has been feeling under the weather for several months generic provera 10mg visa, with fatigue, unintentional weight loss of 8 lb, and postprandial abdom- inal discomfort. She denies having cough, dyspnea, hemoptysis, chest pain, change in bowel habits, uri- nary symptoms, or rash. On neu- rologic examination, the patient has marked weakness of right foot dorsiflexion. Skin examination reveals livedo reticularis over the patient’s back and lower extremities. Urinalysis results are normal, ESR is 87, creatinine is 1. Systemic lupus erythematosus Key Concept/Objective: To know the presentation of polyarteritis nodosa Both polyarteritis nodosa and microscopic polyarteritis can cause neurologic deficits, livedo, renal compromise, and systemic symptoms of fatigue, fever, and weight loss. However, because polyarteritis nodosa affects larger vessels, it can cause downstream glomerular ischemia, thereby activating the renin-angiotensin system and raising blood pressure without causing an active urine sediment. Microscopic polyarteritis, on the other hand, affects smaller vessels, causing glomerular necrosis and the resulting active urine sediment of red cell casts and protein, without raising blood pressure. Cholesterol emboli can cause livedo and pain in the legs or abdomen, although it should not cause a footdrop. It is usually seen in patients with significant atherosclerotic disease or risk factors for atherosclerosis who have recently undergone an invasive angiographic procedure. Lupus could explain the systemic symptoms, the neurologic deficit, and livedo, although it is unlikely with a negative antinuclear antibody test result. For which of the following tests would a positive result be diagnostic for the condition of the patient in Question 32? Abdominal CT scan Key Concept/Objective: To know that renal or celiac angiographic findings can be diagnostic of polyarteritis nodosa when microaneurysms are present Celiac or renal angiographic findings of microaneurysms and irregular, segmental con- striction of the larger vessels with tapering and occlusion of smaller intrarenal arteries are diagnostic of classic polyarteritis nodosa. In the absence of active urine sediment, renal biopsy is unlikely to be diagnostic. In addition, because the findings associated with the vasculitides often overlap, renal biopsy findings are not usually diagnostic. Abdominal CT scanning is not sensitive enough to pick up the microaneurysms of pol- yarteritis nodosa. ANCA with a perinuclear staining pattern is more likely to be present in microscopic polyarteritis than in the classic form of polyarteritis nodosa.

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Berylliosis Key Concept/Objective: To know the most common cause of bilateral hilar adenopathy and to know the differential diagnosis The most common cause of bilateral hilar adenopathy is sarcoidosis 5 mg provera sale, especially in those persons between 20 and 40 years of age 5 mg provera mastercard. Lymphoma, tuberculosis, malignancy, and berylliosis should all be included as diagnostic possibilities. Lymphoma is often accom- panied by lymphadenopathy at other sites, systemic symptoms, and anemia. When hilar adenopathy is a manifestation of metastatic disease, the primary malignancy is usually known or easily identifiable. Chronic granulomatous diseases such as tubercu- losis and histoplasmosis usually present with unilateral rather than bilateral hilar adenopathy. It can be difficult to differentiate berylliosis from sarcoidosis; in the for- mer, there is usually a history of occupational exposure to beryllium in the manufac- ture of alloys, ceramics, or high-technology electronics. A 65-year-old man is admitted to the intensive care unit for mechanical ventilation. There are no fami- ly members available to discuss the patient’s history or current care. On arrival at the emergency depart- ment, the paramedics told the staff that the patient was “found down” in the park and smelled of alco- 14 RESPIRATORY MEDICINE 33 hol. His initial hemoglobin oxygen saturation was 60%, and respirations were labored; thus, the patient was urgently intubated. Results of physical examination are as follows: temperature, 95. The patient is generally disheveled, with poor hygiene. Chest x-ray reveals bilateral interstitial and alveolar infiltrates. ECG reveals Q waves throughout the precordial leads. Which of the following statements regarding the differentiation between cardiogenic and noncardio- genic pulmonary edema is true? A bat’s-wing or butterfly pattern on chest x-ray is more typical of noncardiogenic than cardiogenic pulmonary edema B. Distinct air bronchograms are more common with cardiogenic pul- monary edema C. A widened vascular pedicle and an increase in the cardiothoracic ratio suggest cardiogenic pulmonary edema D. Pulmonary arterial catheterization will yield useful information in these patients and will decrease their overall mortality Key Concept/Objective: To know how to differentiate cardiogenic pulmonary edema from non- cardiogenic pulmonary edema Ancillary features that can be routinely visualized on an anteroposterior chest radi- ograph made with a portable x-ray machine may help differentiate cardiogenic from noncardiogenic pulmonary edema. A widened vascular pedicle and an increase in the cardiothoracic ratio suggest increased pulmonary capillary pressure; distinct air bron- chograms are more common with noncardiogenic pulmonary edema. A predominant- ly perihilar distribution of pulmonary edema is common, and occasionally, there is a very sharp demarcation between the central area of pulmonary edema and the lung periphery, leading to a so-called bat’s-wing or butterfly pattern.

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