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Pray & Ponder is a podcast for kids and the grownups who love them!

At Restoration, we believe that God delights in speaking to us and hearing from us — no matter our age. We have confidence that the Holy Spirit is at work in us, wooing us to turn to and trust in Jesus all because of God’s enormous love for us.
Pray & Ponder, was created for kids and the grownups who love them in order to make space — at home or on the road — so that we can practice listening attentively to God by reading his words to us from the Bible and by talking to him in prayer.


At PRAY & PONDER, we believe that God loves to talk to us! We want to hear from you -- kids+the grownups who love them -- what you are hearing God say. What is he telling you? How is he telling you? What are you noticing about how God is at work in the world? We want to hear from you!

  • In the audio that you record, be sure to include (1) name; (2) age; and (3) what you have been noticing about God. We want to be able to include as many of these stories of God at work on future episodes of PRAY & PONDER. Thanks for sharing yours with us!

Below are some resources you may find helpful as you share God’s love with the kids in your life.BIBLE STORYBOOKS, BIBLES & DEVOTIONALS

Nursery (0-2 years old)

The Look and Point Bible is fun because it is interactive inviting the reader to look and point!

The Rhyme Bible is great for developing language skills.

A Child’s First Bible is short and sweet with a question at the end of each story.

The New Bible in Pictures For Little Eyes is a sweet classic.

The Read and Rhyme Storybook looks fun!

Lift the Flap Bible is also interactive.

The Toddler Adventure Bible Storybook looks good, too.

Found is so lovely!

The Baby Believer board book series by Danielle Hitchen is great!

Preschool (2-6 years old)

God’s Story For Me is a good collection of many stories that will enhance children’s biblical literacy.

The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible has beautiful illustrations and well-told stories.

Jesus Calling Bible Storybook is good for a short devotional and a good way to listen for Jesus’ voice.

Day by Day Bible takes kids through the Bible in one year with a short story for each day.

Early Elementary (6-8 years old)

The Jesus Storybook Bible captures God’s plan for Jesus as our redeemer from the beginning and weaves it into every story.

Shine On: A Story Bible has great wondering-type questions and a variety of illustrators.

The NIV or NIrV Adventure Bible is a full-text Bible written in slightly modified language for early readers and listeners — it’s what we use on Pray & Ponder.

The ESV Big Picture Bible is a full-text Bible with illustrations scattered throughout.

Jesus Calling For Kids is a sweet devotional with Scripture references making a full-text Bible easier to navigate.

Upper Elementary (8-11 years old)

The Action Bible has a format that kids find captivating and it can cover a lot of material, although not in-depth.

The ESV Big Picture Bible is a full-text Bible with illustrations scattered throughout.


Teach Us to Pray is a great book of Scripture-centered family worship throughout the year.

Good Dirt a three-volume set that takes you through the church year.


Bridging Theory and Practice in Children’s Spirituality: New Directions for Education, Ministry, and Discipleship is a collection of papers presented at the 2018 Children’s Spirituality Summit. The book blends theory and practice to equip those who come alongside and guide children in their spiritual formation.

Spiritual Conversations With Children — I cried three times in the first ten pages.

The Religious Potential of the Child is a classic and rich with stories of children engaging with God and His word.

I Wonder is a good book that has great questions to get you thinking and practical tools to get you “doing”.

The Ology is a good resource for elementary kids to read with an adult or for adult study as a way to help you explain things to kids.

The Bible Story Handbook is like a mini-commentary on teaching Bible stories to kids.

Young Children and Worship is the first of the Godly Play books.

Following Jesus is the second of the Godly Play books.


This site has an array of hands-on ways of praying and responding to Bible stories.

This site has some of my favorite ways to do art with kids which I then adapt and interpret for responses to Bible stories.

This site encourages and models a form of “doodling prayer” called Praying in Color.


This interview with Sally Lloyd-Jones is inspiring.

This talk by Rebecca Nye is helpful in thinking about the spiritual development and nurturing of children’s spirituality.We Wonder, with host Sarah Dahl, a lovely kindred in her view of children’s spirituality. I was a faithful listener during Advent (as we were already developing Pray & Ponder!) Such an encouragement to me as a listener and a practitioner.


The Passion Reading for kids which you can watch together on Palm Sunday.

Restoration’s Good Friday Stations of the Cross Liturgy for Kids.

Liturgy for Holy Week at Home including instructions for an Advent-wreath-like celebration for each day of Holy Week.

A recipe for Resurrection Rolls — perfect for retelling the events of Good Friday and Easter.

A reading of The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross.

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