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Want to know who does what at Restoration? You’ve come to the right place. Meet some of the most fun, faithful, and M&Ms-addicted church staffers around.

David Hanke – Rector


David’s been leading this adventure since 2009.  He loves seltzer water, early mornings, Turkey, and the occasional walk to work.  Also his wife, four kids, and being a pastor.
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Louise Brooks – Director of Kids’ Small Groups

Louise Brooks


Louise is a lover of chocolate, clipboards, and the color pink. She also runs the best children’s ministry around.
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Isaiah Brooms – Director of Youth Ministries



Isaiah’s passion for Apex is apparent. He makes us all wish we were in middle school or high school just so we’d have an excuse to hang around on Sunday nights.
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Scott Buckhout – Curate

ScottBuckhout copy

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Nathan Dickerson – Associate Rector


Nathan is detail-oriented, cheers for the Boston Red Sox, and specifically requested that we keep candy in the office at all times.
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Kat Downs – Director of Operations


Kat’s the one who keeps Restoration’s proverbial trains running on time. (If she were in charge of Metro, those trains would probably run on time, too.)

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Ryan Goyer – Communications Coordinator

Ryan recently joined our staff team and he wears a number of different hats at Restoration. He is excited to meet you (and hopefully talk sports with you too).
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Kathy Kenyon – Coordinator of Sacramental Life


Kathy combines excellent taste and organizational know-how with infinite patience with her frequently not-so-practically-minded colleagues. She’s also got the cutest granddaughters east of the Mississippi.
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 Endel Liias – Director of Worship Arts

Endel headshot 2019


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Beth Tipps – Associate Rector

Beth Tipps headshot


Beth loves to cycle but she doesn’t have the shoes. She’ll let you assume what that means about her level of intensity.
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Abigail Westbrook – Coordinator of Kids’ Small Groups


Abigail is one of the newest members of the Resto staff team and she can’t wait to meet you and your littlest ones!

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