Amy Rowe – Church Planter for Incarnation

amy headshot 2My background in social work and international affairs has carried me through five continents. I’ve sung karaoke with communist officials in a bus in rural Vietnam; endured malaria in a mud hut in Uganda; had an illegal visa issued by a rebel army using a typewriter and blue construction paper; been saved from a charging ostrich by my resourceful husband; slurped shark fin soup with intoxicated Chinese bureaucrats; and laughed and cried and shared stories with some pretty amazing people along the way.

When I’m not fending off ostrich attacks, I work with a great team to help plant a church in South Arlington and am pursuing ordination to the priesthood. I also freelance as a graphic designer through my practice, Sparrow & Sea. And I spend lots of time skipping rocks and catching fish with my kids in our neighborhood creek.

I love Madeleine L’Engle and Wendell Berry and backyard birds and lots of strong coffee. I live with my favorite co-adventurers, my husband and two kids, in a little house with lots of twinkle lights in South Arlington. We love our vibrant neighborhood and are so excited about planting a church here.

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