Jill Floyd – Nursery Coordinator

JDF_headshotBorn in the rainy island town of Hilo, Hawaii, I spent my early days running carefree and clothes-free with my sisters around the house… and beach… and just about everywhere. Although distinctly haole (white), I was also kama’aina — a child of the land. My family moved to North Carolina when I was in middle school, adding some Bible-belt southern influence to my unique (if not fractured) sense of cultural identity.

From the “Teddy Bear” church (ask me about it) that became our home because of its appeal to us kids, to the call to Christian education that led my parents to uproot our family, leave successful careers, and move almost 5,000 miles to Charlotte, my childhood was undoubtedly directed by my parents’ deep desire to make disciples of their three daughters. For as long as I can remember, our family’s life was ordered around faith and community, and the patterns this wove into my story continue to shape me spiritually, relationally, and vocationally. My belief that these rhythms and other seeds of faith can begin even in the earliest years of childhood undergirds my approach to nursery ministry at Restoration.

I studied psychology and education at Wake Forest University. More importantly, I was welcomed onto campus for marching band camp my freshman year by a handsome and kind mellophone player (my section leader!) who would quickly become my best friend, and 4 years later, my husband. Jamie and I spent a few years in Charlottesville pursuing graduate degrees at UVA, then migrated up the road to South Arlington in the summer of 2016. We love to stay home in comfy clothes, cook together, and ride our bikes around this amazing county. I can also spend hours upon hours listening to podcasts, reading, and trying to convince our cat to cuddle with me on the couch.

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