Morgan Reed – Church Planter for Incarnation

Morgan ReedI spent the first 20 years of my life in Northern California (the more beautiful part of the state, of course) playing a ton of baseball, hours of guitar, and riding hundreds of miles on my mountain bike. I felt a call to pastoral ministry at 14 years of age, and recognizing my lack of training, I moved to Chicago to attend the Moody Bible Institute (MBI).

In 2008 I married my amazing wife, Ashley, and six months later we moved out to Chicago to start our post-California adventure together. MBI gave me a love for Old Testament Studies which opened up the door for pursuing a career in academia. I attended Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) with the hopes of becoming a professor and teach Hebrew and Syriac literature. While at DTS I began attending daily prayer at a local Episcopal parish which wooed me to Anglicanism.

Ashley and I moved to South Arlington in 2012 so that I could attend the Catholic University of America (CUA) and earn a PhD in Hebrew and Syriac. While attending Restoration Anglican Church, God clarified not only my call to academia, but also my calling to pastoral ministry. In May 2016, I was ordained to the Diaconate and was blessed to serve for a year at the Church of the Ascension (another local parish in Arlington, VA). I was recently ordained to the priesthood in June 2017 at Restoration, where I am now serving until we plant a new parish (Incarnation Anglican Church) in South Arlington.

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