Adam Guzzo

fullsizeoutput_48b6I grew up in a Christian home with believing parents and asked Jesus to be my Lord and savior when I was five, so I am blessed that I don’t recall a day of my life not knowing Him. However, I did not let him begin to lead my life until I was 14. It was on a youth mission trip to D.C. of all my places when I first came to terms with my own brokenness and need for a savior. And so began the story of God showing up in my life in big and small moments to draw me into a deeper relationship with Him.

Unfortunately, my pride often prevented me from seeing the Holy Spirit’s small nudges to let Him lead, but thankfully God loved me too much to let me miss Him so He used big moments to declare his Lordship. As I reflect on my story, I have come to cherish that God just loves me too much to leave me alone. More recently, I have tried to put into practice things that help me recognize and believe in his goodness so it doesn’t take the big moments to grab my attention. Things like being a part of a community of people that also believes in His Lordship, spending daily time in His Word, learning to be in constant communication with Him (with a particular focus on practicing gratitude in my prayer life), seeking counseling when I get stuck, and perhaps most importantly, learning to give myself grace as He does (in hope that my daughters will see that their dad is not perfect and needs grace so that they will, in turn, embrace His grace more completely).

Professionally, I advise state and local governments on how to meet the specific goals they have established which requires a lot of listening, problem-solving, and strategic thinking. As a result, I have extensive experience interfacing with a variety of people via partnership programs and working groups and have learned to appreciate and value a diversity of thought and perspective.

When I think about the future of Restoration and the new strategic plan, I am particularly excited about the following three areas of focus: 1) Becoming a community that boldly talks about our individual stories of faith and desires to share the gospel with our friends, neighbors and coworkers. 2) Increasing the number of young adults involved in Restoration. 3) Getting more of our current church members engaged with our outreach partners.

My concern for Restoration is the same concern I have for myself and my family. That we fall into the trap of comfort and security that comes with success – sticking to what we know or what we are good at – and miss the opportunity to grow God’s kingdom. I know that I have this tendency, and I want to be a part of a community that is helping me push back hard against that desire by serving and loving together out of a deep sense of undeserved gratitude for all that we have been given. This is why I am particularly excited about the three areas of focus above that encourage the idea of inwardly growing while being outwardly oriented.

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