Brad Jones

I have been blessed to know Jesus most of my life. I came to my faith just before my 6th birthday and participated in many Christian youth groups and camps growing up and found Restoration several years ago. I am a husband to Sarah and father to three beautiful children, but I am also a broken individual and a sinner. However, I know that Christ died for our salvation and that it is incumbent upon us to lead lives that will lead others to Him. Throughout my life, the Lord has been gracious, placing people in my life at different stages who direct me towards Him and continue to mentor me. And my wife, Sarah, has been a rock and example to me countless times.

Growing up in Baptist churches in Texas and North Carolina, I was largely unfamiliar with Anglican liturgy but found it intriguing and have come to truly enjoy it and marvel at how many of the words and prayers from years ago ring so beautifully true still today. At Restoration, I have been a member of the Finance Committee for several years and currently serve as Treasurer. Sarah and I have loved leading Small Groups, where we have been blessed to meet some of our dearest friends. I also enjoy being able to serve in various roles on Sunday mornings. I am still in awe of the level of participation in our church and the willingness of so many to give of themselves to our community. We are the Body of Christ, and I love watching members be the arms, hands, feet, mouth, ears and eyes who serve each other and Him.

I take seriously my responsibility as a spiritual leader to my wife, children and community and know that my actions and words can serve as an example to others and help me continue to grow. There can be no better place to use this time than with a community my family and I feel is so dear.

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