Sean Burke

By the grace of God and blessing of loving parents and siblings, I have sought relationship with God for as long and considered Him as the leader of my life for as I can remember. However, my earliest memories included an unhealthy fear of God, and incomplete understanding of Jesus and related shame. So, it was also by His grace that through a nondenominational evangelical youth group, I accepted the grace of Jesus as the one who forgives me and leads my life.

I enjoyed strong fellowship and discipleship throughout high school and college and got married immediately after graduating college. Despite having a network of local Christian friends with whom we sought to establish and foster community, we each struggled personally and as a couple. And so, four years out of college and into marriage, my wife, Catherine, and I came to Restoration feeling broken and seeking to be known and loved in community. Seven years later, we – along with our three children – have been walking realizations of Restoration’s vision to “see broken people being restored by grace…”

I am honored to be a member of Vestry and to bring strengths and experiences from my professional as well as personal life to benefit the vestry and Restoration community.

Professionally, I would bring my experiences setting and implementing strategies for my company – a global consulting and technology company – as well as dozens of nonprofits I have served as clients. In the past 8 years, I’ve been part of leading a business within my own company, while serving strategic, organizational and technical needs of dozens of nonprofit organizations. Thanks to the prayer and wise counsel of good friends and mentors, I recently took on a new role helping to lead the strategy for our company’s global corporate stewardship and social innovation. I would look forward to bringing this experience, especially work related to implementing strategies, to the range of needs Restoration will have in the coming years as it works toward its 2019 goals.

In my experience professionally, I also have seen that the best organizations are led by those who have intimate experience in and passion for whatever it is the organization does and/or offers. At Restoration, we offer restoration through grace. So, personally, I would bring a passion for and experience of being in deep and vulnerable relationship with others as a means of Jesus’s restoration through grace. I have experienced this through fellowship and discipleship with other men, 11 years of marriage, 7 years of parenthood, as well as through individual and marriage counseling and healing prayer. As such, I would seek to bring this experience of being continually restored by grace to further Restorations mission as part of my role in Vestry.

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