We value beauty

I have been asked by several people why our church values ‘beauty’.

Beauty is not attached to belief. Yet it provides an access point to the soul. Two people can find something beautiful, but believe different things about Jesus. Beauty becomes a contact between them. Sometimes a conversation about belief will come from that.

Beauty is an inherent characteristic of the Trinity. Like Charis (grace) and Chesed (steadfast love). Beauty is grace. You cannot manufacture it. It happens. Beauty is a gift. Beauty reveals the character of its Creator. It is a way for people to ‘get’ grace in a way that is slant, not overt (like a tract, or a big poster that says John 3.16)

Beauty is a gift of common grace. We value the way God is at work around us, whether we know it, participate in it, or not. He is extending grace to those who by definition don’t deserve it and drawing to himself those whom he dearly loves.