Our New Facebook Community – Plus Getting Involved

Looking to get more involved? Here is another new way! The Facebook. The. Facebook.

One of the things I hear most is, “How did you know that?”

Almost 100% of the time my answer is the same: “It’s on the website.” (Yes, this is a gentle reminder to check the website often).

But for that .000001% of the time, we now have a Facebook community. What’s it for? And what’s that Twitter thing for? And the website? And flickr? And for that matter, what’s the internet for?

I will address the former four.


Basically, we’re using Facebook to enable us to connect with one another without needing to contact Restoration staff. There is no published email list, and that’s a good thing (security, maintenance, etc.). But we still want to be able to connect with one another. You can read blog posts, see tweets, view our calendar, and check out upcoming events — all from Facebook. Here are a few scenarios we had in mind when creating the Facebook community.

  • “Hey, wanna come to my _______?”
  • Did anyone else think the sermon was solid/worst ever? Let’s talk
  • There is a discussion form. Chat, argue, write poems
  • You can share photos, videos, links, or just leave a comment
  • Asking for favors (carpooling)
  • General Q&A (not of the staff)
  • Your photos aren’t on flickr, but they are on Facebook. Add them!
  • Logan Breed is how old?
  • There are a few photo albums up there I created – feel free to add to those (I think you can…if not, just add photos to walls!)
  • RSVP for the Fall Retreat event (unofficially, of course)

“But, I’m not on Facebook.” Well, now you have a great reason to be! This is an awesome way for newcomers to get plugged in right away, or convince them to check us out as they see us living life together.

Here’s our group – become a fan!


David’s on Twitter, and so are a bunch of us. You should be too! Now, if you add the hashtag #restorationva to your tweets a few things will happen:

  1. Those of us who follow that tag will find you, and follower you
  2. Your tweet will appear on our web site (coming soon)
  3. Your tweet will appear on our Facebook community page


If you’re not sure what’s happening in at Restoration do three things:

  1. Subscribe to the blog (via email, or RSS)
  2. Regularly check the Calendar
  3. Add the Google Calendar to your own Google Account
  4. Join the Facebook community

Basically, unless it’s an emergency or you’re part of a leadership team you will never get an email directly from Restoration staff. If you do the above four things, you’ll be in the loop.

Coming soon:

  • Right now the blog houses announcements as well as David’s thoughts. Sometime in the next few months, that will change. Announcements will be subscribe-able outside of the blog so you can keep them separate.


Add your own photos to the site! A big thanks to everyone who continues to keep our photo pool updated. If you haven’t looked in awhile, check it out!

Learn more


  • More on this soon.

There’s a ton more in the works so stay tuned! And join the Facebook community!

Liturgical Servants Training

Dorky church trivia fact of the day: our word ‘liturgy’ comes from the Greek work ‘leitourgia,’ which means ‘the work of the people.’  And our Sunday morning worship is indeed the work of many people.  Sure, there’s David up front and the musicians and all of us in the pews… But there are a lot of others whom you might not really think about:

  • The greeters who meet you at the door…
  • The ushers who help you find a seat…
  • The scripture readers who help us hear God’s word…
  • The foks who lead us in the prayers of the people
  • The ones who serve communion

…and then there are the ones you may not even see, but whose work is still critical to making our worship happen.  The people who set the Lord’s table and stock the pews with nametags and welcome cards.  The folks who run the sound board and the powerpoint.  And everyone who pitches in to help clean up at the end.  It takes a lot of people to do this work!

But the thing is … all of this isn’t just work.  It’s also fun.  It helps you feel connected to the life of Restoration.  It lets you get to know people whose paths you might not otherwise cross. It deepens your experience of worship.  It is a blessing.  I wish I could come up with a fancy word for those people who receive the blessing of the people by serving on Sunday mornings — but I don’t know enough Greek for that.  So instead we just call them “liturgical servants.”

We’re having a training session on Tuesday, September 22 at 7:30 pm at the church for anyone who would like to get involved in Restoration’s worship life in this way.  There are lots of opportunities!  It’s fun, it’s easy, and there’s something for everyone.  So come on out tomorrow night and join us — the more, the merrier!

(The small print: The training is required of all new liturgical servants. If you’ve already been trained at Restoration, you’re welcome to attend but it’s not required. The training is offered about 4 times a year, so if you can’t make it this time, we’ll do it again in a few months!)

Getting Involved with Worship

There are three ways to get involved with the musical worship life of Restoration.  We are looking for people who would like to be trained to run our sound board, who would like to run our powerpoint slide shows, and who would like to use their musical gifts on our Sunday morning worship team.  Here is some more information about each and a form to contact us.  Thanks for serving Restoration in this way!

Sound Board

This is the ultimate, critical ‘behind the scenes’ opportunity.  We will train you to set levels and turn mics on and off for the right folks during our service.  You are the one who helps everyone else be heard!  We would love to have 7 or 8 people who would like to be trained to serve in this way.  You would be assigned once a month at one service.


How hard can it be to transition slides during our musical worship?  This is an opportunity for someone who pays attention to details and loves making things happen from behind the scenes.  Our whole community is served by your attentive transitions!  We are looking for 7-8 high school or older volunteers who would serve at one service, once a month.

Musical Worship Team

Our Sunday musical worship is led by Matt Hoppe.  The first step to getting involved with the music at Restoration is to attend our monthly, open-to-anybody worship practice.  Bring your instrument/voice and join in a casual, laid back opportunity to worship, to learn the music, to hone your skills, to pray for each other, and to have fun.   These monthly 90 minute practices are open to anyone who is interested in serving on the musical worship team as well as those who simply want to come and worship.   If you are interested, fill out the form below and Matt will contact you about the next monthly practice.

Online Form – Get Involved – Worship Music

Getting Involved on Sunday

This is the third in a blog series on Getting Involved at Restoration.Check out part one and part two.

Serving our church

Think about the first time you came to Restoration.Hopefully, someone greeted you at the door with a smile and a handshake.Maybe an usher helped you find a seat.You heard the scriptures read aloud. Someone led the congregation in prayer.You received communion from two communion servers.You may have been prayed for by our prayer team.And before you got there, people were working to make sure everything was ready to welcome you… and stayed around to clean up after you left.

There are so many opportunities for you to use your gifts and service to make our worship life at Restoration possible.We’d love for you to become one of our Sunday volunteers—that’s everyone from greeters and communion servers to the set-up crew and scripture readers (and more) who serve God and the Restoration community at our Sunday worship services.There’s something for everyone.

  • Like to speak in front of others? Try being a scripture reader or leading prayers of the people.
  • Prefer to interact with people one-on-one? Then maybe being a greeter is for you.
  • Find it satisfying to create welcoming spaces for others? Join our set-up/clean-up team, and prepare our space for worship and for the Eucharist.And that’s just the beginning…

Talk to some of our current volunteers, and I think you’ll find that their service has helped them learn more about the worship life of our church and has even deepened their own worship experience.

If you’re interested in being a liturgical server, please fill out the form below so we can learn what your interests are and get you into our server schedule as soon as possible!

Online Form – Get Involved – Liturgical Server

Questions? Contact Matt Hoppe!

Getting Involved Serving Kids

This is the second in a blog series on Getting Involved at Restoration. Check out part 1

Loving our kids

Restoration has so many great kids. There is a significant exodus each week when they leave the service after our opening worship. I have loved watching our community (those with kids and those without) come around these small ones and listen to them, ask them questions, steer them in the right direction, pray for them, and generally delight in their curious chatter! We have a nursery for toddlers 2 and under. We have small groups for kids age 3 to 5th grade. If you would like your child to be a part of these great activities, register them here.

We run a complete Children’s Church at both our 9 and 11 services. This means we have opportunities for 2 teams of volunteers working in our nursery and leading our kid’s small groups. Would you be interested in serving this way? If you are new to Restoration: jump into a small group, serve as a liturgical helper (greeter, reader, parking lot servant). We want to serve YOU and give you a chance to get to know our community. If you have been a part of the Restoration community (or The Falls Church) for the last six months, then please fill out the form below and our Children’s Ministry Director, Louise Brooks will contact you.

Here’s another picture of this ministry from Louise:

Working with children in ministry is a little like never having to grow up.  You get to hang-out, laugh, play, read, munch on Cheerios, console, teach, and sing with friends who are, mostly, under five feet tall.

Serving in the nursery means the conversations you have with the babies and toddlers center around what books to read, games to play, or “More Cheerios, please!”  It is a blast to share God’s love in this way!

Serving as a pre-school or elementary-aged small group leader in Sunday School provides opportunities to search through the Bible in new ways, making deep theological issues concrete and real to a child.  It requires a heart for God and His (smaller) people, creativity, and joy.

If you feel God calling you to “train up a child in the way he should go,”  then we’d love to help you get plugged in.

Online Form – Get Involved – Children

Getting Involved at Restoration: part 1

On Easter, Restoration tried its hand at multiple services: 9 &11.  Over 30 people were involved in leading that effort, from readers, to nursery workers, to greeters, to ushers, to worship leaders, to communion servers, to parking lot attendants.  Our Sunday worship is a true community event and uses many hands and feet.  We have so many opportunities for people to learn new things, to use tried and true gifts, and to stretch their hearts of service.

If you are new to Restoration, this next blog series (bleries?) is for you.  I will be posting different ways that people lead and serve our community.  You might read something and say, Eureka!  I want to do that too!  Look for a form at the bottom of the post and you will be well on your way to ‘gettin’ involved at Restoration.’

During the week, there are over 80 Restoration folks meeting in small groups around Arlington and Falls Church.  This is THE place to get to know folks and to be known.  The small group lasts 90 minutes–  that’s it, we promise!

10 minutes in tasty snacks and chit chat, 45 minutes wrestling through the Scripture I preached from on Sunday, 25 minutes sharing needs, concerns, and praying.  10 minutes to spare…

If you want to Get Involved, this is the place to do it.   Register here

You’ll also notice that we have started a new sermon series, The Prodigal God.  We gave everyone who came for Easter a copy of Tim Keller’s (pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC) book by the same name.  For the next 50 days (Easter to Pente (50) cost, May 31) we will be digging in to this story of a Dad and 2 sons.  You will not want to miss any of it.  Worship with us on Sunday, read the book, wrestle with the story in small groups during the week, and recognize the Father who waits with His arms open wide…

Getting Involved Serving Restoration

Community Care Connection

Restoration wants to meet the needs of those in our community through the gifts and services of those in our community.  We have so many folks who want to help!  I love that attitude and I am thankful to be in a church where people regularly say, ‘what can I do?’

Often connecting those with resources to those with needs is a simple logistical process.  It’s not glamorous, but its critical that we keep good records and establish effective systems for getting the word out on what the needs are.  To that end, we are collecting information about your gifts, abilities, and available resources.

Would you please prayerfully consider how you can best share your time, talent, and treasure with others?  You can either turn in the blue sheet we are passing out on Sundays or you can fill out the form below.
If this is going to be your community, we are inviting you to participate in its care and connection!

Thanks friends.  It is good to live life together.
Online Form – C3 Form

Once you submit the form, you’ll receive a confirmation email and be redirected to the homepage.

We have already gotten lots of great ‘other’ ideas–  like pet sitting!  Use your creativity, come up with things you need for yourself!  This is how we do it…

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