Food Support for Vulnerable Neighbors

We will update this page regularly with needs and instructions.  Feel free to share it with friends in your community and check back often.

Glebe Food Support

Getting food ready for distribution in our Narthex

Serving our neighbors

Restoration has an ongoing partnership with one of our local elementary schools, Glebe Elementary.  They have a number of households that are in need of food and they are not able to get it through their normal channels.  Restoration is providing a place for food collection and distribution while Arlington Public Schools is closed. We are happy to receive food donations from anyone who is willing to give and is in the area, provided they are healthy. 

Collection and distribution will happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Collection [Donation Drop-Offs]: Tue/Thur between 10am and 1pm.

We ask that you try to bring your food ONLY during these hours.  We will have volunteers onsite to receive and sort it.  If you cannot come between 10 and 1, you can leave non-perishable food at other times by our front door.  Thanks for working within these times as we try to build a rhythm that is sustainable over the coming weeks.

If you are not comfortable bringing your food into our building, someone will come to your vehicle and bring it in for you.

Distribution [Neighbor Pick-Up]:  Tue/Thur between 4pm and 7pm

Our neighbors will pick up food on Tue/Thur between 4pm and 7pm.  If you are not able to bring food between 10 and 1, you can drop it off at this time.  

Serving in person

If you would like to volunteer during our collection or distribution times, you can sign up here.  Thanks for serving, sorting, and caring!

Food Ideas for Donation

A list of what is needed is below.  Essentially, anything and everything is welcome, with a special need for maseca which is used to make tortillas.  On our first day, almost everything that was donated was distributed.  Perhaps consider working one donation a week into your CoronaRhythm.  That regularity would help us stay stocked.  

Items in bold are our most pressing need. We will update this list often.  Please check here before shopping. Thank you for your partnership in this!

  • maseca
  • anything canned
  • cereal
  • sugar
  • beans (dried and canned)
  • rice
  • oil
  • snacks like granola bars, trail mix
  • bread
  • diapers
  • baby formula
  • fresh fruit
  • fresh vegetables
  • cheese
  • eggs
  • milk (we have cold storage)

Financial Donations

One of Restoration’s members, Nicole, is coordinating the collection of financial contributions and placing an on-line order of food each week.  The order will be placed on Friday and delivered the following week.  Please consider contributing before Friday morning.  But donations are welcome at any time.  You can reach Nicole if you have questions, or send contributions to her via PayPal via her email 


As we get questions, we will answer them here.

  1. Can I order online and have it delivered?  Yes and no.  Feel free to order food supplies from your favorite online retailer, but please have the food delivered to your home (NOT THE CHURCH).  Then bring the food to the church between 10-1 on Tue/Thur.  (Again, 4-7 on Tue/Thur if you can’t do the earlier slot.)
  2. Do you need grocery store gift cards?  The best is for you to provide actual groceries that our neighbors can carry out of our building and straight to their home.  But providing gift cards is also a generous way to give support.
  3. How do I get grocery store gift cards to you?  The easiest way to get them to us is via mail.  (Please do not send cash or checks.)
    Glebe Food Supplies
    c/o Restoration Anglican Church
    1815 N. Quincy Street
    Arlington, VA 22207
    You can also drop them off between 10-1 on Tue/Thur.
  4.  I have a question that is not answered on this page.  Please contact, Ryan, Restoration’s Communications Coordinator.
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