The Birth of the Church

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Acts 2:14-21, Psalm 17:1-8, Luke 18:15-17 – David Hanke

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Life Together

Sunday Announcements - November 10th, 2019

  1. Parking on Sunday mornings. This is a reminder to be kind to our neighbors on Sunday mornings by not parking your car on Quincy St. Park your car in the lot on 15th and walk or ride our shuttle. Thank you for helping us treat our neighbors well! 
  2. Thanksgiving for 10 Good Years: On Sunday, Nov. 24, we will have the opportunity to give a financial gift in thanksgiving for all that God has done over the last 10 years and in anticipation for all that God will do in our next season as Good Things Grow Here.

    The vestry has designated that this gift would go to our operating fund and be above and beyond what you were planning to give at the end of 2019.  The vestry is so grateful for your generosity and for God’s faithfulness to our church.

    There will be 2 options for your ‘Thanksgiving for 10 Good Years’ gift:
         A.  We will make special envelopes available on Nov. 17 and at the party on Nov. 22. On Sunday, Nov. 24 we will turn in those envelopes as part of the offering during our worship services.
         B.  There is a dropdown menu choice on CCB called, ‘Thanksgiving for 10 Good Years’.

  3. Second Sunday Supper: Join us tonight for our Second Sunday Supper at District Taco following the 5pm service. We will meet up around 6:30pm and enjoy food and fellowship!
  4. RestoMen on November 12: Join us Tuesday, November 12 for our next RestoMen gathering. We will begin at 7:30pm with dinner and end at 9pm. This month our topic is, “How can we talk about our faith in a real way?”. Questions? Contact Nathan.
  5. RestoWomen: Join us Tuesday, November 19 at 7:30pm in the Fellowship Hall as we learn about and practice Lectio Divina (Latin for divine reading). Lectio Divina invites us into God’s presence to listen for his particular loving word to us at a particular moment in time. Contact Beth with questions.
  6. Navs 20s 30s Brunch: The Navigators monthly brunch this time will feature our fellow parishioner, Barb Hagerty! Come and bring friends for the discussion and free food! Anne and George’s house this Saturday 10:30am. Questions? Check out the calendar or email Anne Cregger.
  7. West Asia: Are you interested in the work that Restoration does in West Asia?  Would you like to hear about the trip we are planning in 2020 and meet some of the people who will be hosting you?  Contact Beth.
  8. November 24 at Restoration: On Sunday, November 24, we encourage all who typically attend the 5pm service to attend either the 9 or 11am in order to be part of our 10th birthday celebration. A different kind of celebration is happening at the 5pm! Isaiah Brooms and Ryan Bettwy will be ordained. We will have our normal kids’ small groups at the 9 and 11am. We will only have childcare for preschool and below at the 5pm service.
  9. Keep up with Restoration! You can follow our Facebook page, (search “Restoration Anglican Church” on Facebook) and even follow our brand new Instagram: @restorationarlington. We’re so excited to share more about our church with you!
  10. Clergy Emergency Contact Number: This is a way for you to contact one of our clergy if you have any sort of pastoral emergency. Text or call 571.766.6495 to get through to one of them right away.

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