The Rev. Isaiah Brooms


I spent my early childhood years living in an inner-city Chicago housing project called Cabrini Green. Born with an appetite for academics, a positive outlook on life (even in my rough situation) and a strong belief that God was in control, my high school years saw me elevated from those circumstances and thriving at an elite boarding school. As I continued to experience success, access, and achievements, I was blessed to be surrounded by individuals who not only kept me humble, but reminded me time and time again of the importance of keeping everything in the context of my relationship with Christ (Psalm 121). Those conversations and key relationships, from middle school through my high school years, impressed on me the importance and necessity of mentorship and Christian discipleship.

In 2001 I graduated from Bradley University with a double degree in Education/Theater and a minor in communications. Shortly after graduating, I taught in the inner-city Chicago Public School system for two years and eventually found my way back to the world of elite boarding schools. While in the academically, relationally, and culturally intense boarding school world, my passion for youth ministry was ignited. I built and co-led a Sunday worship service and co-led a Wednesday bible study where we were blessed to be able to help 250 kids discover/re-discover the relevance and need for a deeper relationship with Christ.

After my move to Arlington in 2009, I began to hear a clearer and deeper call to vocational ministry. Armed with my guitar and theatrical experience, I jumped head first into the Kids’ Music Ministry at the church I was attending and for two years had an absolute blast! Yet still I felt God calling me to more.

In 2012, after an amazing lunch with a lovely girl named Heather Downie, I knew I had found my wife. Two months later, after an amazing experience visiting Restoration Anglican Church, I knew I had found my church. In 2013 Heather and I married, I was confirmed Anglican, and I was voted onto the Vestry; I knew then that I had found my home. From 2013-2015 through a series of coffee and lunch dates, I saw my twelve-year career in education shift to one firmly planted in full time ministry; I knew I had found my call.

As I continue to walk alongside our middle and high school youth and as I continue my journey into vocational ministry I find myself reflecting over the thread of importance that mentorship and discipleship had in me finding myself in Christ. It is one thing to be introduced to Christ and it is a vastly different thing to be guided as you understand what it means to walk with Christ; a walk that is often full of pot holes, swerves and challenging terrain. I am looking forward to the opportunity to walk alongside our youth and provide positive guidance as they seek to understand the relevance and importance of Christ and faith in their lives and the world today.

RANDOM AFFECTIONS (Because David Hanke put some in his Bio)

My Daughter – She’s growing so fast and I can hardly keep up. I just know everyday I fall more in love with her.

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies – If you make it in the shape of a cookie and tell me it’s a cookie, I’ll probably eat it.

Doctor Who – Really, anything with time travel and space. (Star Wars, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica… just keep on listing ‘em because I probably do or will like it)

Literature that focuses on the context of Jesus’ life and how it impacts the content (N.T. Wright being one of the best authors).

Paintball, basketball, and running – Combine those three and watch me pull my hamstring! Maybe when people shoot free throws we are allowed to pelt them with paintballs?

Theatrical Arts – Been starved here lately, but my heart still beats for great writing, acting, lighting, sound design, directing and costumes. “All the world is a stage…”

My Guitar and Microphone – Rediscovering my love of this and it has been very good.

The greatest quote that defines my life – “Dare to fail gloriously.” There is little to gain by cautiously trying to succeed. It’s wise to measure and understand what you are about to do, but when the time comes go all out! If you fail there is so much to learn on the way down that will make you stronger, wiser and better on the way back up. A life full of only successes doesn’t seem like much living is occurring because it means you only do the things you know you can succeed at. So, go head first into new challenges!