West Asia


ince 2012, Restoration has returned a number of times to two different areas of West Asia. As we’ve invested time in both places, there are people we’ve come to know and love. Despite the long-distance, this is a long-term relationship.

Although West Asia has a rich Biblical history, in many ways it is a challenging place for the gospel to penetrate.West Asia presents difficulties for those who hope to live by the gospel. When we go our priority is to refresh the workers, so they are equipped and encouraged to stay longer.

 Since our outreach is rooted in prayer, there are regular opportunities both in our worship service and semi-regular prayer meetings to bring West Asia as well as the needs of our friends before the Lord.

West Asia is a place where creativity, faith, and adventure intersect as we are eager for the Lord to tend to the roots of this ancient land and stir her people once again.


We have a semi-regular prayer meeting for the Silk road. If you have questions or would like to know more about specific ways to pray, please contact us and choose “Outreach” from the drop-down menu, or email Eric Lessels, who leads the prayer team.

And more….

We have recently sent a family from Restoration to live in West Asia and they will be working in and with a local community.  Please pray for them and for their ministry.  For more information and if you would like to support them financially, please contact Liz Gray.


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