Women’s Mentoring

What it would look like to develop a culture in which we know, support, challenge, & love each other well?

This is the idea women at Restoration began thinking about together in Spring 2015. And we realized that in order to achieve that, we all need to be available, intentional, & proactive in our relationships. In our experience, the best mentoring relationships happen organically, so our encouragement is to take advantage of the many “on-ramps” that exist at Restoration for connecting with other women!

Interested in learning more about what mentoring could look like for you – as a mentor, mentee, or both? Keep reading for helpful info & resources below!

Questions to consider:

  • Who does your path intersect with at Restoration: when you volunteer on Sundays, go to small group, or participate in a service project/mission trip? Is there someone that you’d like to get to know better or ask advice from?
  • Have you heard someone share/speak at a Restoration event or read a post on the blog that piqued your interest?

Ideas for how to take that next step:

If your answer is “yes” to either of the questions above, don’t ignore that! Make time for deepening those relationships.

  • Invite someone for a walk, coffee, dinner, etc! Keep the conversation going!
  • Plan a gathering for the women in your small group or on your Sunday volunteer team. It doesn’t have to be elaborate – meet up for dinner, happy hour, a picnic, or a movie/game night. Tip: sometimes it’s easier to make these things happen if you ask a friend to partner with you!
  • If you’re specifically interested in being mentored or serving as a mentor: we strongly encourage you to read this handout, particularly the 4 (brief) articles that are noted. Before you approach someone about being a mentor or agree to serve as a mentor, it’s important to think through some key items: goals, timeframe, content.
  • Read this great blog post about making space for mentoring relationships.
  • Consider attending one of the mentor workshops, which will be offered twice a year.

Interested in finding a mentor or serving as a mentor?

If you would like to connect with a mentor or are willing to serve as a mentor, the women’s mentoring team would like to know! We will do our best to provide mentoring introductions for those who are interested.

  • complete this form if you are willing to be available as a mentor
  • complete this form if you are looking for a mentor

Mentor Workshop

We periodically offer workshops for those who are considering being a mentor and/or are already serving in that capacity.  Some of the topics that are covered are:

  • definitions of mentoring/the formats it can take
  • how to ask good questions
  • how to listen well
  • general do’s & don’ts

Mentoring questions?

Feel free to contact any member of the women’s mentoring team: Cindy Willman, Amy Zapf, Jennie Isakoff, Kara Stevenson or Shannon McNeil.

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