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Post: Childcare

Hi Resto!
We’re looking for a loving, part-time caregiver for our very smiley 6 month old daughter. We need help three days a week (Monday afternoons, Wednesday or Thursday mornings, and Friday afternoons) for 13-15 hours/week beginning Sept 10th. Our daughter was supposed to start daycare this week but the daycare unexpectedly closed due to a Covid outbreak, so we’re searching for a more reliable, safer option. We thought we’d include the Resto community in our search! Please email if interested.

Leslie and Ben Mosteller


Post: Sourdough starter!

Would anyone be willing to share a sourdough starter with me? I’ll bake you anything of your choice (bread, cookies, cake, cinnamon rolls, the options are endless!) in exchange ☺️

Contact me at and I’ll come pick it up and drop off the goodies (contact-free if you wish).

We just got married and moved back to DC this week, after staying with our parents in the midwest during shelter-in-place. I would love to try my hand at sourdough, but couldn’t bring the starter in the U-Haul. We’re so excited to finally be living closer to the Resto family!


Abby Crosley


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