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Post: Housing needed (5/29/2019)

I’m in need a of room to rent for 2 months– starting June 2- end of July. I’m a rising senior at McGill University and doing an internship at IJM this summer. Email:

Post: Townhome available (5/9/2019)

Great townhome available for rent!

Post: Nanny and adult caregiver (5/6/2019)

Submitted to inform Restos and the wider community of an available nanny and adult caregiver.

I am honored to know and make known to you, Lia. I have been Lia’s employer for the past six months. A mutual friend, one who has three young children, encouraged our first meeting. She has cared for children and maintained an impeccable record doing housework for multiple Northern Virginia families. As a mother of three teenagers, nothing surprises her.
Lia is curious, hard working, and dedicated to ensuring that everyone under her care is safe, prepared, and in the right place at the right time. Honest and dependable to a fault, she assists adults, too (as in our case). Persons with special needs, persons who receive home nursing, and infants/toddlers fall within her qualifications. Lia shows her intellect, open-mindedness, and gentility everyday. In the way she speaks unpretentiously, gives generously, and loves dearly, I would be remiss to neglect mentioning the astonishing enhancement she has made to my own life.
Please reach out to me with questions. Lia has her own car, and can begin a part-time role immediately, or a full-time role on June 1.

Respectfully Yours,

Erin Statler



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