Serving Our Neighbors and Supporting Our Community

The vestry is mobilizing Restoration’s finances to respond in three ways to the novel coronavirus.


1. Benevolence Fund for Restoration members:

We know the global response to the novel coronavirus has created a lot of vocational and income uncertainty.  Restoration wants to provide financial resources that could be used to bridge gaps for people who attend our church. To that end, the vestry intends to set aside part of our operating funds to serve as a benevolence fund for people who attend Restoration and are experiencing financial need. Your regular giving to our operating fund will allow our Vestry to continue to set aside what is required for these benevolence needs. We want everyone who attends Restoration to be aware that this fund exists AND that we have created a discrete and private way for people to request disbursements. Submissions will be received by a small committee overseen by clergy and vestry members.  We have initially identified three categories of need:  lost wages, health care costs, and unexpected costs due to quarantine.  There will be a set amount that is given for each request. If you or someone you know has a financial need, please make them aware that this help is available.  Please don’t be hesitant to request assistance.  We are a church community that wants to help each other.

2. Food Support for Households in Arlington

We are so grateful for all the ways you’ve helped to serve our neighbors. Thank you!

As we continue to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances during COVID-19, we are updating our plans to support approximately 40 Glebe Elementary School families in need of food assistance. While a food pantry worked well for a time, going forward, Restoration will partner with community residents to distribute Safeway grocery gift cards each week to approximately 40 Glebe families.