Vestry Corporate Self-Evaluation

When we started 2023, we met together at our Vestry Retreat and we recognized 3 strengths and a number of needs/opportunities.


  1. Financial Health: significant amount of cash on hand.
  2. People Health: strong staff team, excellent volunteers
  3. Facility Usage: High. 4 days a week (Sun, Tue, Wed, Thur) 15 hours a day (6am-9pm) plus other usage.

Needs + Opportunities for 2023 that we discussed at Retreat:

  1. Incorporate RCDP into Operating Budget: $75K per participant annually.
  2. Fund The Evening Service into its Campus Phase (Sept 2023) with hopes that it could be financially independent of Restoration by Fy2025.
    When do we designate Evening Service plate offering to Evening Service?
    When do we create a choice on our drop down menu for the Evening Service?
    How much of the Strategic Investment Fund do we set aside for ‘Campus Phase’?
  3. Three FT clergy: Rector and 2 Associates. (We have been moving towards this since Isaiah transitioned to TFCA in May 2021.) Getting here would free up personnel budget for other needs.
  4. More Operations staff: Kathy Kenyon’s job description as ‘Sacramental Life Coordinator’ was distributed to rest of staff team. They have carried those tasks for a while. We need to pull them back into a dedicated position—  especially because Nathan has been covering both membership and marriage preparation which are both administratively intense.
  5. Keep a FT KSG Coordinator. Meredith may leave and she would need to be replaced. Minimal change to the budget, very similar compensation.
  6. Major overhaul/upgrade to chancel area: we have no chancel lighting right now, our projection system (front and rear) is dated and will ‘give out’ when we least want it to. Isaac uses a large team and would like to create a neater way of presenting them on stage.
  7. Our HVAC is a constant struggle.
  8. DMH Sabbatical: Feb-March, July-Aug.
  9. An office space transition for RILA. Should we use some of the Strategic Investment Fund to seed their first year office costs?

Major 2023 Accomplishments:

We did a lot this year. 

  1. DMH Sabbatical and Kat Downs Maternity Leave with little to no drop off in performance and organizational health.
  2. Created ‘Unfunded List’ to nimbly put ‘Over 4 months cash on hand’ to work.
  3. Conducted an Energy Audit, retained HVAC consultant, approved facility team charter, made sanctuary renovations, authorized fence project, authorized new interior lighting project. Approved Facility Team charter which provides guidance for use of facility fund.
  4. Retained a FT KSGC: Meredith to Victoria went smoothly.
  5. Moved RCDP into Operating Budget. Moved Russell to Incarnation and brought on TJ Ono.
  6. Changed rector succession policy.
  7. Helped our congregation absorb and respond to ‘The Kigali Commitment’ in April and then ‘The TFCA Announcement’ in November. 
  8. Day of fasting and prayer in June before parish meeting and creation of unfunded list.
  9. Created and approved the Fy24 Budget.
  10. Evening of Payer, Music, Discernment in October with whole congregation in response to wind down of RestoWest.
  11. Hosted ‘Spiritual Discernment Seminar’ with Steve Macchia in January.
  12. Stood up Parish Discernment Committee for Matthew Arbo in May. Responded with prayer and hope when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in August.
  13. Added Ana Van Balen to Race+Reconciliation Advisory Team. Team is leaning into a ‘healing’ focus for Resto members who have experienced harm or injustice because of their ethnicity.
  14. In October, we generously topped up outreach grants, supported church plants and Telos from our Strategic Investment Fund, and implemented our new ‘Facility Charter’ to fund needed projects: lighting and fence. We put money to work, as we desired.

Questions for Vestry Self-Reflection

What is your evaluation of how the 2023 vestry led and worked together?
There is unlimited space for your answers, but feel free to be as brief as you want/need to be.

Contact Us

Feel free to take ideas from the list above or add your own!
(Were people vulnerable, kind, good listeners, prepared for meetings, etc? Was there unresolved conflict?
(For example, we moved the start time to 6:30. Am I providing the resources you need in a timely fashion- documents, dinner, prayer, etc? Are the meetings a reasonable length of time? Really, put anything here.)