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February 25, 2018 – Liz Gray

1 Corinthians 6.1-8 : Psalm 16 : Luke 12.13-21

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Sunday Music – February 25, 2018


Song of Praise:

Psalm 130 Lent


Reckless Love


Nothing But the Blood of Jesus


Sanctus – Lent


My Shepherd Will Supply My Need
You Alone Can Rescue

Making a Marriage Last

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February 18, 2018 – John and Susan Yates


You can’t have it all.

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February 18, 2018 – David Hanke

1 Corinthians 5.6-13 : Psalm 25.1-10 : Mark 1.9-13

Listen to the songs here.

Sunday Music – February 18, 2018


Song of Praise:

I Need Thee Every Hour


O Great God


O Come to the Altar


Sanctus – Lent


Reckless Love
O Love That Will Not Let Me Go

A RILA Volunteer Comes Full Circle


Ana, a regular Restoration Immigration Legal Aid (RILA) volunteer, can’t say enough about the difference that RILA volunteers make in clients’ lives:  “People listen.  They will commit to you to the end, no matter what….RILA is so valuable.”

As a volunteer interpreter and translator, Ana has been a witness to this commitment.  As a former client of RILA, she has also been on the receiving end.

Ana’s introduction to RILA came almost two years ago, at a desperate point in her life.  She was a victim of a cruel deception that brought her to this country and led to near captivity.  Ana, along with her daughter,  experienced isolation and deprivation in their first two and a half years in the US.  During this time, she sought the assistance of private and nonprofit attorneys, but they claimed her case was hopeless – or would be prohibitively expensive to pursue.  Eventually, her circumstances led to hospitalization, and her daughter was placed in foster care.   Ana describes this time as “terrible,” but she knew her daughter was safe and that this could be a turning point for them both.  Upon release from the hospital, she found work first as a cleaner and then as a teaching assistant.  At the same time, she learned of Restoration Immigration Legal Aid through her daughter’s foster parents. 

She was thrilled that RILA was willing to take her case—and at no charge.  She explained that RILA helped her secure a work permit and prepared her expansive, well-supported application for a visa.  Throughout the one-year process, Ana marveled at how much the RILA staff were willing to help her.  There was great celebration when Ana’s visa was approved – the first success for RILA and, more importantly, a chance for a new start for Ana.

One year later, Ana, who is a physician in her home country, works at the Virginia Hospital Center as a technician.  She makes time to stop by Restoration during RILA office hours to help translate documents.  She and her daughter are also regular volunteers at RILA clinics.  Ana’s own life experiences allow her to empathize and advocate for clients during the clinic sessions.  It gives her great satisfaction to help in this way.   She notes, “You won’t find another group like RILA.”

Ana explains that when she was persuaded to come to this country, she was seeking the “American dream.”  Having overcome much and received the gift of freedom, she now understands the American dream in an entirely new way.

If you would like to volunteer with RILA or be part of a new prayer team, please email Kate.

“I wish that I had brought a journal” – Restoration Songs and Prayer


On February 24 I would love for you to come and experience what many others in the congregation have!  I asked some folks who attended the first Restoration Songs and Prayer what they valued about their time.  Here are a few of the responses I received:

“I loved that it created a calm and peaceful space where I could come worship the Lord and lean into His Presence in a new way that broke up my usual weekend routine :)”

“Painting.  I also valued the word of wisdom/picture….That was a huge encouragement for me that night.”

“#1 –  Loved there being space for the Holy Spirit to share His gifts (prophecy, healing, etc.)  #2 – Loved worshipping by having time to dwell in His presence with live music.”

“I literally (not being pejorative here) felt His intensity from others words pouring over me. I left exhausted, but overwhelmed by his grace for me. Still processing this.”

“I wish that I had brought a journal.”

“I’m not one to usually embrace the charismatic-leaning practices, but since it was captured within a loose liturgy and with songs, prayer and scripture, I felt it neatly funneled the gospel’s power for the evening and/ or gave it some guard rails, so to speak, so it didn’t feel out of control.”

“It was the best. I loved the ability to move around: change pews, sit by a friend, paint, etc. I loved that the HS was SO THERE, and I really loved the songs.”

“It was worth a babysitter!”

“Our Heavenly Father loves to feel our love and trust in Him, through all our forms of creative worship and prayer.  That’s what I witnessed and felt.”

“It was so good to have the intentional space and time to listen, to pray, to worship, or to just be quiet…to be in a sacred space with powerful worship music and just ‘be’.”

“I valued the passionate worship that took place. It was a time when people started to let their guard down and allow the Holy Spirit to move.”

“The best Saturday “date” that I’ve had in a long time!”

“Our whole family had a great time. That was an amazing gift! The first time all 6 of us ever all been a part of an evening like that. My favorite part of the night was the freedom of movement and expression. I loved the liberty to move around praying with different friends, worshipping, helping my kids with their art, etc.”

“The sanctuary was full of believers, music, Scriptures, prayers, art, and at the same time, there was so much space for processing the brokenness of humanity, to heal, another step on a lighted path…it felt like the way Restoration Anglican has been, restoring God’s original design for all of us.”

“I most valued an extended time of worship through singing, and that individual songs could flex in their length/order based on the Spirit’s leading (or at least not ‘constrained’ by time quite in the way as it is on Sundays).”

“I felt comfortable. What a gift.”


I would love for you to join us on Saturday, February 24 from 7pm to 8:30.  As I wrote in a previous blog:

Maybe you need him to come in power.
Maybe you need him to speak to you in a still, small voice.
Maybe you need a prayer team to help you ask for healing, deliverance, or that other difficult thing.
Maybe you need to respond with a new song or a prophetic painting.
Maybe the Lord will give you a word to share with his worshipers that will edify the Body.

Bring a Bible.
Bring a journal.
Bring a voice ready to praise the name of Jesus.
Bring a heart, mind, and will that desire to press into the heartbeat of the Father.
Bring hands that are needing to be blessed and empowered by the Holy Spirit to go out and do his good work.
We’ve been created for this pursuit…the pursuit of his kingdom.
How great is God’s love for us!

– Matt

If you are on Facebook and think you’ll come, click here to let us know.


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