The Birth of the Church

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Acts 2:14-21, Psalm 17:1-8, Luke 18:15-17 – David Hanke

Blessing our neighbors — The Glebe Star Tree

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Restoration is again partnering with Glebe Elementary School to make sure kids have gifts to open this Christmas. This year, we are adopting 63 families for whom we will purchase gifts for children who attend our neighborhood elementary school.

There are so many different ways you can participate:

Grab a tag and buy a gift. Each child receives three gifts — clothes, shoes, and a toy. Grab a tag with specifics about one of those gifts from one of the Glebe Star Trees located in both the upper and lower narthex. Trees and tags will be up and ready on Sunday, November 24. Gifts are due at Restoration by Thursday, December 12.

Help organize and sort gifts. Join us in the Fellowship Hall from 10-12 AM on Saturday, December 14 to organize and sort gifts. Sign up here.

Be an elf. We need a couple of people from 1-4 PM on Sunday, December 15 to be runners, grabbing gift bags to give to families when they come to Restoration to pick up their gifts. Sign up here.

Bake a dozen cookies. We love to bless families by serving them cookies to nibble on while they are waiting and take a bag home to share. Cookies need to be delivered to Restoration on Sunday, December 15. Sign up here.

Bag and tag cookies. All those cookies that our bakers bake need to be bagged and tagged. Join us after the 11 AM service on Sunday, December 15 to prep bags of cookies. Sign up here. 

Make a gallon of hot chocolate. Make a one-gallon batch of hot chocolate that we will keep warm on the stove and serve to families as they arrive. Hot chocolate should be delivered by noon on December 15. Sign up here.

In case you are not around to grab a tag, but still want to help, consider purchasing a $20-25 gift card from Target or Amazon or Old Navy or . . . These gift cards will be used to fill any gaps. Deliver them to Louise Brooks by Thursday, December 12.

Want to learn more about the Glebe Star Tree tradition? Watch the video below:

Thanks for loving our community and blessing others!


10 Years – thank you!


Thank you to everyone who came out to help clean up Cherry Valley Park! 

With crisp blue skies overhead and autumn leaves (and some poison ivy) underneath, Restoration came together last Saturday morning to show appreciation for our Cherrydale neighbors by making improvements to nearby Cherry Valley Park. Thank you to the 50+ adults and kids who contributed to trail improvement and invasive removal. We were joined by several master naturalists, a park steward, and the neighborhood association president, who shares his thanks below:

“Thank you so very much for reaching out to the Cherrydale Citizens Association and organizing and coordinating the parks clean up in the Cherry Valley Nature Area. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to everyone who showed up to lend a hand today.

Together, we made such great progress, and the park is well on its way to being more accessible and inviting to everyone. I look forward to continuing our partnership so we can stay on top of the invasives and keep making progress.

Thank again for being such a great addition to Cherrydale! Happy anniversary to Restoration Anglican Church! And many happy returns!”


Jim Todd
Cherrydale Citizens Association

If you were unable to come on Saturday but still want to help, on the morning of November 16, the neighborhood association will hold another park event supported in part by a local Scout troop.  All are welcome!

Poured Out

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2 Timothy 4:6-18, Psalm 149, Luke 18:9-14 – Beth Tipps

Able to Make You Wise

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2 Timothy 3:10-17, Psalm 121, Luke 18:1-8 – David Hanke

Warden’s Report: October 2019

2019 Wardens

The Wardens’ Report: a brief summary of highlights from monthly Vestry meetings, designed to provide information about our growth, finances, and priorities.

At our October 22nd vestry meeting, we enjoyed dinner together and prayer before starting the meeting. This month, Erica Chapman led us through prayer which included praise and intercession for our Rector David Hanke. We thanked God for David and his leadership of our church. We gave thanks for the fall at Restoration (the retreat, Pints and Perspectives, preaching) and prayed over the coming 10th anniversary celebration and unveiling of our strategic plan, Good Things Grow Here. We prayed for David as he leads our staff on a retreat next week and as he helps our newest staff members to transition onto our team. We gave thanks for David’s family and prayed blessing upon them in a busy season. We prayed over David’s office and all the meetings he holds there, that the Holy Spirit would come and make himself known.  As always, please join us in praying over the staff, vestry, and all of God’s work on and through Quincy Street.

In our meeting, we heard our last official update from Incarnation Anglican Church as they elected their first vestry this month.  In November at our annual diocesan synod, there will be a vote to receive Incarnation as a new parish in our diocese.  We trust that process will go smoothly and then in December, Incarnation will officially become a congregation with Rev. Liz Gray instituted as their rector. We are rejoicing with them for a successful first year and praising God for His faithfulness to them as they joined Him in boldly starting and growing this new church. 

David Hanke led us in working to finalize our strategic plan, Good Things Grow Here, and we discussed plans for our 10th anniversary celebration as we both celebrate 10 good years of God’s faithfulness to our church and look to Restoration’s future. We talked specifically about the financial gift of thanksgiving that we are asking our congregation to make during our 10th anniversary celebration. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to worship and give thanks for what God has done in our church while also launching our congregation into the next 5 years. We are excited for how we could use this gift be it on a smaller scale or larger one.

Johanna Montague talked us through the possibility of creating a curacy position during 2020. A curate is a finite position for a recent seminary graduate to join our team for the purpose of being formed as a priest and to serve our congregation. It is a good opportunity for us to help grow new leadership in DOMA, to build our connections with priests in the area, and to allow this individual to assist our staff/pastoral team with caring for our congregation.

Brad Jones, our treasurer, gave a brief update on our finances and we are grateful that we were on target with our budget in September and that our giving has stabilized after being under budget for much of our previous fiscal year. Thank you for giving generously to our church. Brad also led us through a discussion of potential options for handling our mortgage. The vestry will make a decision about our mortgage in the first half of 2020 before our interest rate changes during the summer of 2020. 

If you have questions, concerns, words of wisdom or encouragement, please know that we are open to your feedback. You can read an archive of past Wardens’ Reports on our website or Vestry Meeting minutes on CCB, under the ‘Files’ tab in the ‘Entire Church Group’

– Chris Belen and Johanna Montague, Wardens


When You Are Tempted to Give Up

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2 Timothy 2:1-13, Psalm 113, Luke 17:11-19

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