The people understood the reading

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The people understood the reading – Beth Tipps – Nehemiah 8:1-3, 5-12; Psalm 119:9-16, Matthew 5:17-20

I am doing a great work and I cannot come down

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“I am doing a great work and I cannot come down”- David Hanke – Nehemiah 6:1-9, Psalm 27:1-12, Matthew 5:13-16

Thinking Wisely About the Election


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How do we engage wisely with the upcoming election?

On Tuesday, February 18, you are invited to attend a special conversation called “Thinking Wisely About the Election” at Restoration.

Many difficult conversations about big issues are taking place in our country, and they will only become more heated as the 2020 election gets closer.  Restoration Anglican Church, in partnership with Navigators 20’s-30’s, wants to provide an opportunity for our community to begin talking about how followers of Jesus should approach the upcoming election.

We will have four folks who have worked in some of the highest levels of government and politics for both Democrats and Republicans, and best of all they all worship at Restoration!

The conversation will take place in our sanctuary from 7-9pm. We’ll have light snacks and refreshments, but no childcare. Please park in the lot at 15th and Quincy.

Michael Wear, author of Reclaiming Hope, will offer opening remarks. Then Nicole Bibbins Sedaca will moderate a panel discussion with Michael, Adam Kincaid, and Kate Harris.  During the panel, there will be opportunities to ask questions from the audience.

The evening will focus on how to engage the political process wisely, as followers of Jesus and citizens of our country. These things matter and deserve our most careful deliberation.

I hope you will RSVP and join us on Feb 18 at 7pm!


At Restoration, we use the Washington-Liberty Parking Lot that is located at N. Quincy and N. 15th Streets over I-66.  We provide a shuttle that runs from that lot to our building or you can make the 7 minute journey by foot.  If you would like more information about parking at Restoration, click here. 

Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday 2020


Shrove Tuesday:  February 25

Shrove:  past tense of shrive, Old English – to hear confession, assure of God’s forgiveness, and give appropriate spiritual guidance

Because Shrove Tuesday was the last day before the fasting Lenten Season, it was necessary to use up perishable food items which were not to be consumed during Lent, including milk, eggs, butter, sugar, and meat. This led to the tradition of Pancake Tuesday, a last feast before the Lenten fast.

We love this tradition at Restoration — so much so that we have our own little twist on it. Come eat some pancakes, and then stay for a parish meeting. We’ll talk all things Resto: where we’ve been, where we’re going, and what to expect during the season of Lent. Don’t miss it!

Pancakes drop at 6.  Our family meeting starts at 7.  Childcare is available for 5th grade and below, but we ask that you please let Louise know so she can plan accordingly.


An opportunity to give during Lent

We also wanted to let you know that when you get your pancakes, you can make an offering for our close partner, the Anglican Relief and Development Fund.  We provide several special opportunities during Lent and Holy Week to give gifts, alms, and generous assistance to an organization outside of Restoration that is doing work which Restoration supports wholeheartedly.  This year, we have chosen ARDF’s “Cascading Ministries Initiative”.  All of our offerings on Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, and Easter (+the pancake supper!) will go to this Initiative.  We invite you to consider your Lenten disciplines of giving, prayer, and fasting (Matthew 6) as you keep in mind the opportunities presented by ARDF.



Ash Wednesday:  February 26

Dear People of God:  The first Christians observed with great devotion the days of our Lord’s passion and resurrection, and it became the custom of the Church to prepare for them by a season of penitence and fasting…

Book of Common Prayer p. 543.

On Ash Wednesday, we’ll move reflectively into Lent as we are reminded with love and grace that we are dust, and to dust we shall return.  The liturgy with imposition of ash and Holy Eucharist will begin at 6:30am, 12pm, and 7:30pm on February 26.  Nursery is available at 12pm and 7:30pm.  We will provide shuttle service from the parking lot at Quincy and 15th during the 7:30pm liturgy.

Come, enter the season of Lent with us.


Conflict Among Friends

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Conflict Among Friends – David Hanke – Nehemiah 5:1-5, Psalm 37:1-11, Luke 2:22-35

Warden’s Report: January 2020

2020 Vestry

2020 Vestry

The Wardens’ Report: a brief summary of highlights from monthly Vestry meetings, designed to provide information about our growth, finances, priorities and progress towards our strategic plan.

January 28th marked the first official meeting of our new 2020 vestry. We gathered for dinner together and prayer before starting the meeting. This month David Hanke led us through our prayer time which focused on asking the Holy Spirit to bless our time together and give us wisdom as we start the meeting and a new year. Additionally we prayed for David and for his work as the rector of our church as he preaches, leads, creates, plans, and stewards this body. We prayed for his leadership of our staff, his preaching and teaching, and for his overall care of our  congregation. And we prayed for his family as they love and support each other day to day. We welcome your prayers for all the staff, the Vestry, and God’s work here on Quincy Street.

At our retreat last weekend, we elected officers for 2020.  Our wardens are Johanna Montague and Kevin Marshall; secretary is Mary Breed; Treasurer is Brad Jones.

On Tuesday, we voted to approve changes to the rosters of several of our advisory teams. These teams offer invaluable guidance and advice to the vestry and include: Finance (led by Brad Jones), Outreach (led by Dan Vogel), Facilities (led by Adam Guzzo), and Personnel (led by Lorene Eberhardt). We are grateful for all who serve in this capacity.

Brad Jones, our treasurer, presented an update on end of year giving and the first quarter of fiscal year 2020. We are grateful to report that attendance is trending upward, our giving is on track, and our overall financial health is good. The finance team, under Brad’s leadership, continues to monitor our financial situation and weigh options for our mortgage. Brad will give a report to the congregation on our financial health at the Parish Meeting on February 25th.

The vestry, in accordance with its policies for such matters, considered four bids for and a staff report regarding a contract to improve our website, which was an item in Good Things Grow Here. After a discussion and some clarifications, the vestry unanimously approved proceeding with one of the bids.  We are excited for what God will do with our church in the next five years and the ways an updated website will aid us in that work.

Lastly we spent time discussing how we could best use the 10th Anniversary Gift we collected around our celebration in November. We are grateful for the generous gifts totally approximately $250K that were collected from that weekend. Thank you to all who so generously gave! The 2019 vestry has already put a portion of those gifts to work through a new website (see above) and hiring Scott Buckhout as our Curate. The 2020 vestry will be discussing and praying over the coming months about how best to put the remainder of this gift to good work.

As always, if you have questions, concerns, words of wisdom or encouragement, please know that we are open to your feedback.  You can read an archive of past Wardens’ Reports on our website or Vestry Meeting minutes on CCB, under the ‘Files’ tab in the ‘Entire Church Group’

Johanna Montague and Kevin Marshall, Wardens

Facing Opposition Wisely

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Facing Opposition Wisely – Nathan Dickerson – Nehemiah 4:1-9, Psalm 139:1-13, Matthew 4:12-17

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