Spiritual Direction

I might be interested in spiritual direction. . . but what is it exactly?

Spiritual direction is learning to listen to God, to draw near to him, receiving his friendship, counsel and love. He’s always showing us things and inviting us into places he longs for us to go. The Holy Spirit, the Counselor, is far more active than we usually dare to imagine! Whether you’re in the midst of a personal crisis, a season of transition, one of stagnation, or even a time of smooth sailing, spiritual direction can be especially helpful in drawing near to the Lord and allowing him to direct your path.


Unlike counseling or pastoral care which often focuses on problem solving, spiritual direction is a ministry of coming alongside another. I’ll be pretty quiet most of the time, but together, we’ll notice the Lord’s presence in your life and his guiding invitations. (And there is no homework or instruction from me!)


What is a session like?

We would set a date and time and plan to meet for one hour. The session begins with a few moments of quiet, and then I might read a few verses of scripture as we open our time and agenda before the Lord. When you’re ready, you can begin sharing whatever the Holy Spirit brings to mind, from the most mundane to the most curious. I will listen and may reflect back what I hear, ask questions, or may suggest pausing for a moment to pray. There is no judgment, no advice giving, no attempts to fix the situation shared. Rather, we ask the Lord what he’d have us see.


How often would we meet?

Sessions last an hour and occur monthly at the most. However, you may find you want to pursue direction for a season or just one time. No pressure to decide now.

Ready to try it?
Reach out to me, Beth Tipps, with questions or to schedule a session. Most sessions take place on Thursdays at 10am, 2pm & 4pm or Fridays at 10am (in-person or Zoom). Other times can be made available by request!

I received my spiritual direction training through Leadership Transformation’s Selah program.


What other contemplative options do you have?

We pause three times a year for half-day retreats at Restoration: In December (during Advent), March (during Lent), and we provide a retreat guide you can take with you wherever you go during the summer. These are intentional times set aside to be still and listen to the Lord. We worship together and provide questions and prayer guides for you to use during the retreat time. It is hard to be still, but it helps when someone else holds the space for you. Just come and give it a try! The Lord is near.

Psalm 145:18
The Lord is near to all who call upon Him…

Psalm 46:10
Be still, and know that I am God…