Restoration Clergy Development Program

Developing Anglican Leaders for the Future

The Restoration Clergy Development Program is a 10-12 month opportunity to learn about strategic, pastoral leadership while receiving practical training and mentorship within an active, missional church setting: Restoration Anglican Church.

About Restoration:

We are a gospel-centered Anglican church located in Arlington, VA, an inner-ring suburb of Washington DC. The church was planted in 2009 and is now a vibrant congregation of around 600 people. Our vision is to see broken people being restored by grace and finding their place in God’s story.

We are a church that connects people to God, to others, and to the needs of the world. We do this through corporate worship, small groups, and by serving in our community and around the world. We are a group of people who worship together, pray together, serve together, and live life together. We believe that church is community. It!s more than just a place to show up on a Sunday; it’s the messiness of real life. When people are connecting to God and experiencing what it means to be loved, forgiven, healed, and empowered by Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, church is happening. Above all, church is a foretaste of God’s Kingdom— a day when all that is broken will be healed, all that is incomplete will be made whole, all that is old will be made new. A day of Restoration.

Program Summary:

The RCDP is a 10-12 month program aimed at offering people of color and women interested in ordination within the ACNA opportunities to develop pastoral leadership skills while receiving practical training and mentorship within an active, missional church setting.

About the Program

The role of an ordained minister is complex and the necessary skillset requires training and experience across a variety of disciplines. The opportunities entailed in the program are designed to prepare candidates for a fruitful future in church leadership.

Practically, this means:
1. Candidates will participate on the Alpha Leadership Team
2. Opportunities for leadership in Sunday corporate worship and adult small groups
3. Partnership with other clergy and staff in programmatic initiatives and teaching opportunities.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Loves God, has a robust devotional life, takes prayer seriously, and has a heart for worship, including worship in the Prayer Book tradition.
  • Loves God’s Word, studies it carefully, and wants to grow in preaching and teaching abilities.
  • Loves God’s people, and is called or exploring a call to parish/ordained ministry
  • Loves unreached and disconnected people and demonstrates a heart for evangelism and mission.
  • Completed or looking to complete a Masters degree in Biblical studies or related field.
  • Up to three years of volunteer or paid ministry experience

Application Process

Please submit an application that includes a cover letter, resume, and 3 references to Beth Tipps.

Eligible candidates will interview with selected members of the Restoration staff team. The candidates will be notified of acceptance by early spring.