2023 Apex Ice Skating + Broomball

Join Apex for ice skating and broomball on Sunday night, February 26 from 4:45 – 7 pm at Fairfax Ice Arena! Admission to the event costs $6.25 per person, plus an additional $4 per ice skate rental. 

We’ll order some pizzas for everyone to enjoy at the end of our time out on the ice! We can’t wait to see you out there.

Wondering what broomball is? Broomball is like hockey, except it’s played with hockey sticks that resemble a broom, and you use a dodgeball instead of a puck as a ball. Broomball is played with sneakers out on the ice! All of the required gear (including helmets) will be provided for us by Fairfax Ice Arena. If you’re not sure you’ll like broomball, register to both ice skate and play and you can switch between the two any time. 

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