Apex Student Leadership Team Application

The Apex Student Leadership Team is a program with monthly meetings designed to equip students to develop their leadership abilities and, alongside Apex staff and volunteers, contribute to creating a consistently excellent Apex experience for everyone involved.

The SLT will focus on three main objectives:

  • Integrate students into Apex programming. Apex already has a core group of students who help set the tone at different Apex events. The SLT would help to formalize these roles and allow for greater student involvement on a regular basis.
  • Help students develop a voice in Apex planning. Student buy-in and enthusiastic participation in Apex activities is an essential aspect of Apex’s continued growth and success. By creating space for students to share what needs their fellow students have, Apex programming can be more effective in discipling students. 
  • Create lifelong leaders. The SLT will also serve to equip students to lead and disciple others for the rest of their lives. By giving students responsibilities (whether it’s leading a discussion at middle school Bible study, giving announcements at Sunday Night Apex, or helping organize a service event) the SLT will help to teach students leadership principles they can use for the rest of their lives.

Fill out the application below if you’re interested in joining the team!

Meeting dates are October 1 (1:30-3pm), November 12 (3-4:30pm), and December 3 (1-2:30pm). We’d like for you to be able to attend at least two out of the three meetings if you’re going to participate on the team. 

Also, save the date for a SLT retreat the weekend of January 5-7. 

Reach out to Ryan and/or Lexi with any questions. 

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