Breakaway 2024 Pre-Registration

We’re excited to open up our pre-registration process for High School and Middle School Breakaway 2024! Breakaway is our annual trip to Rockbridge, a Young Life camp near Lexington, VA. Breakaway is hosted by The Falls Church Anglican, and it’s a great opportunity for students to grow in their relationships with God and others.

This form is designed to give us an estimate of how many Apex students will attend. We will use the results to work with TFCA and make sure that we are allotted enough cabin space, as well as to see what kind of transportation we need to get to Rockbridge.

High School Breakaway is President’s Day Weekend, February 16-19. Middle School Breakaway is two weeks later, March 1-3. High School Breakaway will cost between $300-340 per student, and Middle School Breakaway will cost between $250-300 per student. (We will be able to finalize the cost shortly, when we know the amount of students who are going and know what we need in terms of transportation.)

We never want the price of something to be a barrier to someone’s involvement, so if the price of Breakaway is prohibitive for your student joining us at Breakaway, please indicate that on the form below as well. Additionally, it is a priority for us that our volunteer Apex leaders attend Breakaway at no cost to themselves. If you’d like to contribute toward making that possible, then there is an option on the form to contribute toward the cost of a volunteer leader’s attendance as well. 

By filling out this form, you’re ensuring that your student will be able to join us at Rockbridge this year. The deadline to fill out this form is Friday, January 12. 

We can’t wait to be together at Rockbridge this year!

Reach out to Ryan and Lexi if you have any questions about what Breakaway will look like this year. 

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