Small groups

Encounter God. Journey with others. Come alive to God’s purposes.

That really sums up what we want for each person who calls Restoration home. We want you to come to know, love, and be loved by the triune God. We want you to experience deep community. And we want you to understand and be a part of what God is doing in the world. We’re convinced that God often uses other people to accomplish these things in our lives.  Other people challenge us, encourage us, teach us, push (and sometimes frustrate) us, and love us. In short, they help shape us to look more like Jesus. That’s why Restoration offers small groups—to create communities where these kinds of relationships and this transformation can happen. Some Restoration small groups focus on specific topics, others are targeted toward particular demographic groups. All groups include Bible study and prayer. They have 12–15 members, meet in 9- to 10-week trimesters, and allow for self-paced vulnerability. No matter who you are or what you’re looking for, there’s a small group that’s right for you.

By the way, different groups are offered every trimester—so if you have a suggestion for a new group for next trimester, please let us know.

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What people are saying about Restoration small groups…

Being a part of a small group at Restoration has not just been a good experience for me from a spiritual standpoint, but completely redefined who I was in the DC area as a Christian.”

I love that I have come to know and love the Bible by studying it with others.  It constantly amazes me to see how God can reveal completely different things to different people in the same passage of Scripture.  He has used others to open my eyes to things I never would have noticed on my own.”

So many highlights: small group members that pray over prayer requests rather than problem-solve them, Logan’s thoughtful guidance of discussions, all those tasty baked treats that Mary seemed to have around the house, and Anthony’s transportation service. Making new friends that are outside of my life stage, and seeing not just one, but two small group babies arrive.”


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