Sundays can’t happen without you.

Service Volunteers

It takes about 75 volunteers each week to make our Sunday worship services happen. Some jobs are up front, while others are very behind-the-scenes. Most of our Sunday volunteers serve about once a month, and training for all of these roles happens once a month.

  • Altar Set-up and Clean-up: These folks prepare the altar for the Eucharist. It’s the most low-key “altar guild” you’ll ever meet.
  • Communion Bread Baker: Yep, somebody makes the bread each week. We provide the recipe; you bake the “bread of heaven.”
  • Communion Server: Receiving the Eucharist is powerful; getting to serve it others is even more so. We teach you what to do and what to say.
  • Greeter: This one’s pretty obvious. A smile and a handshake make a huge difference in helping people feel welcome at church. So if you can smile and shake hands, you’ve got what it takes.
  • PowerPoint Operator: If you can pay attention to the service and push the forward-arrow button on a computer, you can run PowerPoint. It’s a behind-the-scenes job that makes a huge difference up front.
  • Sanctuary Set-up and Clean-up: Pretty self-explanatory. These are the folks who get everything ready for us to worship…and then make it look like we were never there.
  • Scripture Reader: Can you read? Do you like scripture? You can be a scripture reader.
  • Usher: [noun] One who ushes. Specifically, one who helps people find seats, collects the offering, dismisses people for communion, and generally makes the worship train run on time.


Sundays also offer two opportunities to volunteer with prayer. Both of them require specialized training.

  • Prayers of the People: Lead the congregation in praying for the church and for the world.
  • After-Service Prayer: Work as part of a two-person prayer team to pray with and for people in the congregation.


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