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Post: Seeking Copy Editor

As I reported in a previous post, I have been working on a book for the last three years about my career as a patrol officer and narcotics, homicide, and corruption investigator in the D.C. police department. I knew a fair amount about the content and reached out for help by more talented writers. No less than five members of Restoration provided gratefully received assistance. I have finished the manuscript, and before sending it out to prospective publishers, I need the services of a good copy editor to correct any grammatical errors. If anyone knows of a person willing to offer that service (for pay of course), please let me know at my email address or Marla’s cell phone: (703) 470-9880. The manuscript is currently 190 pages and 94,000 words in length.


Phil Burton


Post: Seeking Car

We are looking for dependable, reliable car for our college age son. If you are planning on selling your car this spring/summer, please text me at 571.437.2905. Thank you!

-Meredith Melnick


Post: Seeking Car

I’m looking for a dependable, reliable car as my current car is on the fritz. Preferably a Toyota or Honda, but open to anything, honestly. If you are planning on selling your car this spring or summer or even have information of someone else selling a car, please text me at (267)424-4170 or email me. Thank you!

– Anna Hailstone


Post: Seeking Russian Language Opportunities

My cousin’s son is informally studying Russian and interested in taking his studies further. The family can’t afford to help him. He’s 18 and not in school. I was hoping someone in the Foreign Service or otherwise connected to professional opportunities in language could share opportunities with him or guide him, particularly scholarships or subsidized study opportunities. Contact me at if you can help. Thanks!

– Greg Piper


Post: Bunk Beds Available

We have a great set of bunked beds that are ideal for a basement room or a room with a low ceiling. They have been lovingly used by 2 Hanke boys for a decade and they are still in good shape. Happy to send them to a new home. Pictures available upon request. Contact me at 571-521-9081 or by email.

– David Hanke