Isaac Wardell

Director of Worship Arts

For the past twenty-five years I’ve been leading worship on most Sunday mornings. Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee I started leading worship when I was a high school student. I studied music and theology at Covenant College and went on to work at several presbyterian church from 2001 to 2020 in Georgia, New York, and most recently Charlottesville, Virginia. Two years ago, I had the opportunity to take a break from worship leading to get a graduate degree in liturgical studies at The Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. It was a fantastic experience for my family and me.
I’ve been married to Megan for thirteen years and we have four elementary school-aged children. We are all excited to be joining this community and as a family we love music, taking walks, traveling, reading, and taking adventures together. We are especially excited about the wonderful ways that Restoration cares for children.
Things I love:
Movies – whether it’s popcorn blockbusters or german expressionist cinema, I love a trip to the movie theater and am always looking for a way to slip out for a weekday matinee.
Travel – I’ve made a goal for myself that I hope to have visited 50 countries by my 50th birthday. I’ve got 7 more years to go and 12 more countries to visit. Suggestions appreciated! My dream is to make it to Antarctica for my 50th (but is that even a country though?)
Barbecue – growing up in Memphis, I accidentally became a Barbecue snob. I didn’t realize how much I’d miss it until moving to Belgium for two years and realizing that you can truly only get a good brisket in the USA. Tell me your favorite barbecue place in NOVA! I’ll make a trip.
Church History – one of the things I love most about meeting christians from other traditions is the opportunity to get a richer and deeper understanding of the way that God’s church has grown and changed over the millenia. I love to learn about ancient and worship practices and talking about how various parts of the church can learn from one another.
Let’s make music together! If you’d like to sing or play an instrument in worship, no matter what your skill level, introduce yourself!