For the sake of others

At Restoration, God has been kind to provide lots of ways to connect not just with each other but also with the world around us. When we connect – through worship, prayer, service, or just having fun – we are experiencing what it means to be loved, forgiven, healed, and empowered by Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. This connection is for everyone, everywhere.

We want Restoration to be a community that is actively engaged in living out God’s call on our lives. We know Jesus cared particularly for the poor and those on the margins of society, and so we want to too. Just as Jesus sent his disciples to “Jerusalem, and to Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth,” we want to connect with people here in Arlington and anywhere else and everyone God has called us. God has been kind to give us many opportunities to serve His people.

Incarnation Anglican Church

One of our current major initiatives is to plant a new church this Fall 2018, Incarnation Anglican in South Arlington. Check out their website here!

If you are interested in learning more about Restoration’s other outreach work, take a look at the 2018 Outreach Guide available in the church narthex or contact us and choose “Outreach” from the drop-down menu.

There are many ways to get involved. Here are a few ways:


Prayer is integral to all we do at Restoration and it is no different for outreach. We commit to pray for our neighbors, for our Christian brothers and sisters worldwide who are persecuted for their faith, and for fellow brothers and sisters in ministry nearby and around the world.


Restoration designates ten percent of our income for outreach. We use these funds to support the partners and organizations listed in our outreach guide. In addition, we provide opportunities for the Restoration community to get involved with the work these partners are doing.

Volunteer »

There are lots of ways to volunteer at Restoration, here are two examples:

Casa Chirilagua

  • Casa Chirilagua is an organization of people who seek to see God’s kingdom established in Chirilagua, a Latino neighborhood on the Arlington-Alexandria border. Through after-school programs for elementary- and middle-school kids, mentoring opportunities, Bible studies, and more, the folks at Casa Chirilagua are “learning to love their neighbors as themselves.”

Summer Farmers Market Runs for AFAC

  • The Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) provides food to over 1600 hungry families in Arlington each week. Every Sunday during the summer, teams from Restoration collect surplus produce from the Columbia Pike farmers market and then help prepare it for distribution to AFAC’s clients. We’ve been doing this since 2009, and we love this simple way of caring for our community.

Go to Cambodia »

Restoration members, Jesse and Sarah Blaine and their daughter Clara, moved to Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2012, where they work with local churches to serve vulnerable children, combat human trafficking, and share God’s love with the community. In 2014, we sent our first team to visit the Blaine’s and led a retreat for our sister Anglican church, Church of Christ our Peace (Phnom Penh).

Go to West Asia »

God has given to many people at Restoration a passion for the people and cultures in West Asia. We have already sent four teams to visit, to make new friends, to spend time with people we have come to know and love, and to continue to develop long-term outreach partnerships in the region.

Go to Bolivia »

We are in the first steps of forming a relationship with a couple of groups in Bolivia. Interested? More details from Endel and Kate Liias!

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