Loving Arlington

North Arlington, where Restoration is intentionally located, isn’t exactly what you’d call an area of poverty or vulnerability. North Arlingtonians are, on the whole, remarkably affluent, well-educated, and connected to systems and structures of privilege. Yet if we don’t see need, it’s because we’re not looking in the right places. From homeless folks to parents struggling to feed their families to immigrants with few opportunities to learn English—there are very real physical or practical needs all around us. Then there are the needs that are harder to see but just as difficult to endure: the loneliness of residents of a nearby senior living center; the confusion of young adults navigating the challenges of vocation, faith, and relationships post-college; the despair of people who are all too aware of their brokenness but don’t know there’s a Savior who can heal them. As a church, we’re proud to partner with and support people and organizations who are working to address all of these needs and more.

These partners almost always have opportunities for people to get involved with their work. Here are some of the current ways you can do that:

  • Live in South Arlington? Consider supporting our new church plant, Incarnation Anglican Church: Sundays at Greenbrier Baptist Church at 5pm! email Liz for more details.
  • Have you heard about RILA? If you are an attorney, a person who can welcome with a smile, someone who speaks Spanish, or if you can operate a photocopier – they need you! Come and volunteer!
  • Or serve at AFAC. During the summer, we collect surplus produce from the Columbia Pike Farmers Market on Sunday afternoons and prepare it for distribution later in the week.
  • Casa Chirilagua Wednesday Night Teens Club. Casa Chirilagua is looking for mentors every Wednesday, 5 – 7 pm. 

You can also fill out this form if you’re interested in volunteering, and we will follow up with you.

Current Partners

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