RestoArts. Creatively experiencing God’s story.

The first verb used to describe the work of God in the Bible is “create.”  We recognize that God has chosen, first of all, to reveal himself as the Creator.

The book of Genesis, chapter 1 goes on to say that we are created in God’s image, after his likeness.  Human beings are set apart from the rest of creation as having something special in common with God.  We believe part of this gifting is our ability to be co-creators with him.  Humans, like God, are able to enjoy, celebrate, and add to the beauty of the created world.

When we use this given ability, it brings us joy, and it honors our Creator. Our God delights in beauty and calls us to do the same.  More than that, he asks us to use our co-creative abilities to beautify and adorn him with our praises and our art.  (Exodus 15:2 – This is my God and I will beautify him with praises.  See also Exodus 26 about the creation of fine art for the Tabernacle.)

Our Mission

RestoArts helps people use their creative gifts for the glory of God, for their own good, and for the growth of the church.

Who we are

  • RestoArts is a community of people, supported by Restoration, who experience, create, and celebrate beauty and art as part of daily life and worship.
  • RestoArts is guided by a revolving group of leaders who focus on various aspects of artistic worship and provide ideas and council in what to pursue and how to pursue it for the good of the Restoration community.  Restoration’s Coordinator of Sacramental Life, Kathy Kenyon, is the overseer of the RestoArts Leadership.

What we do… and what we hope to do

  • RestoArts encourages people to recognize themselves as co-creators with God.
  • We welcome beauty and art into our worship and community life to enrich and deepen our understanding and enjoyment of God, the created world, and one another.
  • We offer opportunities for art-dreaming, art-making, and art-sharing both inside and outside of regular church services and activities.
  • We use mindful art in our worship services to help draw people into the service, into the liturgical seasons of the church, and into the presence of God.
  • We nurture one another as artists and co-creators to be whole and healthy people, strengthened to push deeper into our art forms and deeper into God’s glory.

What we believe about art

  • We believe that all art can tell some part of God’s story of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration.
  • We believe great art can point us beyond material things toward the hidden mysteries of God.  We celebrate this power of art to help bridge some of the gap between our human perception and God’s glory.
  • We believe that art can transport us beyond our own lives and yet make us more present within them.
  • We believe Christian artists will best minister to the community through honest and organic art.

Some of these thoughts and goals are better realized than others, but it is our prayer that God would bless this community at Restoration with a greater knowing of him; and we are excited to see how the art that is dreamed up, made, and shared can aid our whole community toward a greater awareness of his glory.  Questions?  Contact us – just fill out the form and choose RestoArts.

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