Restoration 2025


Restoration Anglican Church is a flourishing congregation of more than 600 people who gather online or in-person every Sunday to worship Jesus. We rejoice in the good things God has grown here through our staff team, hundreds of volunteers, vibrant Small Groups for Kids, Youth, and Adults, an effective and far-reaching immigration legal aid clinic, and creative opportunities to learn, serve, and grow deeper with Jesus. Good things grow here.

Over the next 5 years, Restoration wants to “be in the process” of 100 people making new commitments to Jesus, choosing to be baptized or confirmed, and becoming active members of our congregation

We want to see 100 people move into new life with Christ and find fulfillment in our community.

In order to accomplish that goal, Restoration has 4 objectives that guide our decisions and plans. 
We want to:

  1. Strengthen our Strengths: We want to sustain and improve what we are already doing well. The critical strengths on which we need to focus are:  Financial Stability. Digital Communications. Global Partnerships. Strong Servant Leadership Culture. 
  2. Grow Disciples: We want to grow disciples who are learning to trust Jesus in every aspect of their lives. The structures we provide to catalyze this growth include Biblical preaching, small groups for every age and demographic, occasional conferences, and opportunities for mentoring. 
  3. Serve our Neighbors: We want to be known in Arlington as a church that humbly serves. We are grateful for our immigrant neighbors who come for legal aid and then give us opportunities to meet even more of their needs.
  4. Reach New People: We want to seek, befriend, and invite young adults and our neighbors along the Orange Line Corridor to our church. We are open to these efforts becoming a new church plant, a new Fellows program, or a new opportunity for people to ask questions about Jesus.

As God leads, we hope that these objectives will shape the work we do so that we get to be a part of 100 people making new commitments to follow Jesus, choosing to be baptized or confirmed, and becoming an active member of our congregation. Followers of Jesus, telling their story and inviting their friends to follow Him too; this is how good things grow here.