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What are we looking for in a vestry candidate?
To serve on the vestry, an individual should:

  1. Be a mature Christian committed to the orthodox doctrine, discipline and worship of the Church, not one who has recently come into faith;
  2. Be temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, gentle, not quarrelsome, and have a good reputation with those outside the Church (see 1 Tim. 3 and Titus 1);
  3. Maintain an active life of prayer and study of Scripture;
  4. Be known and respected among the Church;
  5. Have a strong record of serving the Church and cheerfully giving to the
    Church of his/her time, talent and treasure;
  6. Have family relationships that honor God and reflect strong Christian commitment;
  7. Have enough time to be able to serve effectively as a Vestry member; and
  8. Make a commitment to put Vestry service high on the list of personal priorities.

This list is a challenge for us all and by God’s grace, it describes a number of people at Restoration. I encourage you to let these characteristics inform the way you pray about your nominees.

What is required of a vestry member?
Some of our past vestry members have described it like this:

“As a member of the Restoration Vestry, you are committed to devoting yourself to the Word of God and to be faithful in prayer. You will be encouraged to form a small team of intercessors who will pray with and for you as you cover our church, our staff, our missionaries and our meetings in prayer.” 
“The Restoration Vestry has ten Tuesday evening meetings each year as well as one weekend-long retreat and one meeting with the Bishop. Together, the Vestry will discuss and vote on items including the church budget, our strategic plan, the management of our facility, new initiatives, outreach and crisis management. Vestry meetings tend to last 2-3 hours each month and require 1-2 hours of advance document/email reading. In addition, every member of the Vestry serves as a liaison to a church advisory team and/or as a Vestry leader (Warden, Treasurer, Secretary). Advisory team participation involves 1-2 hours of additional involvement each month and leadership role time commitments will vary.”

It is a significant commitment of prayer, time, and leadership over a three year period. The vestry members who are elected this year will serve from January 2024 until January 2027. 

What is the timeline for the 2023 Vestry election?
Nominations will be open until October 15.

During the week of October 22, nominees will be informed of their nomination. Not everyone who is nominated becomes a nominee. 

On November 15, the slate of candidates will be shared with the congregation, along with a brief bio on each candidate.

The actual election will take place through a personalized Survey Monkey link that will be sent to each member of the congregation on November 26. Those links can only be used once and will stay open for a week. The election will close on December 3 and the results announced on December 6.

Who is overseeing the election?
At their September meeting, the vestry appointed a vestry discernment committee who will receive all of the nominations and discern the final slate. That committee is made up of our three outgoing vestry members: Mary Jo Binker, Karen McNeilly, and Dennis Wong, plus the rector, David Hanke. This committee will review the nominations and make decisions regarding the slate. Please pray for us as we pray for you and our congregation during this time.