1. Jennie
    April 18, 2009 @ 12:20 pm

    Hello Blog Readers! Just want to add a few things, from my perspective. I am the mom of 3 boys who attend Children’s Church each week. I am also a back-up Children’s Church helper. What that means is if Louise or one of the weekly small group leaders is absent for any reason (travel, sick, etc.) I jump in to substitute. Here are some of the things I LOVE about Children’s Church:

    From the standpoint of a parent:
    * Our lunch conversations Sundays are often dominated by all three boys trying to talk over each other about all the great things that happened in Children’s Church that morning. Nothing makes me happier than having my kids excited about the gospel and brainstorming ways they can live it our in their lives.
    * My boys LOVE their CC leaders. They talk about them all through out the week. The CC leaders are HEROS in my boys’ lives. I am SO grateful to each person who works in RAC Children’s Ministry for their dedication and commitment to helping my guys along their journeys with Christ.

    From the Standpoint of Working in Children’s Church
    * I always learn something…either from Louise/another teacher or from the kids themselves…or BOTH!
    * The children inspire me and challenge me to examine my own life.
    * Louise and the small group leaders pray before every CC. There is no better way to connect with people (in my opinion) and with God than to be in a small group of intentionally praying people.
    * I laugh and have fun! I always leave CC happier and more energetic than I arrived.


  2. Jennifer Golden
    April 9, 2013 @ 11:53 pm

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