Reducing our Footprint… maybe… for a little while

picture-14When you show up at Restoration on Sunday, you’ll notice the worship guide looks different.  (By the way, I really like ‘worship guide’ as the descriptor of the thing we hand you at the door…  rather than ‘bulletin’ [not really true] or ‘leaflet’ [bit too generic])  As people become more familiar with our service, we are trying to conserve a little paper.  But predominantly, we want you to pick up those beautiful black books with the cross on the front–  The Book of Common Prayer.  It has a wealth of information and guidance for our liturgical (worship) life together.  If you flip to page 355, you’ll see the beginning of our worship service–  the same beginning we put in our worship guide. We are hoping that this new, streamlined worship guide will be like a compass.  It will point you to the different places in the BCP from where we take our liturgy.

Over the summer, I’ll invite you at the start of the service to open your BCP and to follow along with the service.   We will also put the prayers and responses that used to be printed in the worship guide on the screen in the front.  So you can choose between looking down at the book or looking up at the screens.  (different people like different things…)

Our hope is that we are a little kinder to the environment and that we get you flipping through our rich heritage of prayers and liturgy.  Maybe you’ll get one and try the morning prayer (p. 137) devotions this summer.  Or perhaps you’ll choose a few of the evening prayers (p.121) with the folks in your household.  Or it’s possible that the prayers and thanksgivings(p. 810) will shape your conversations with God for the next 30 years…

If you have a BCP, bring it with you on Sunday!  Let us know what you think of the new WG format and how we can serve you as we seek to do ‘the work of the people’.