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  1. Louise
    December 15, 2009 @ 1:44 pm

    This is a great time to be together — growing and sharing and learning and learning some more and getting it wrong and trying again and being encouraged by one another. How thankful I am for all of you and how eager I am to know each and everyone of you well!

    Wanted to share a great book by George Barna called Revolutionary Parenting. The Barna Group (i.) took data from national public-opinion surveys related to parenting, (ii.) explored existing literature on parenting practices; and (iii. — my favorite!) digested transcripts of personal interviews with 20-somethings “whose faith was robust” all in an effort to find out what their parents did in helping them grow into lovers of Christ. In addition to interviews with the young adults, they also interviewed the parents of those people. Fascinating look at things we can do to nurture those around us. I was especially thankful for the chance to glean from these interviews those things that my parents did for me that I may not (okay, probably did not) see at the time as their way of loving me, and, yet, I now understand the value. It’s a tangilble way for me to return to my folks to tell them specifically what they did well as parents.

    As I look around our congregation, I see people who are loved and love back well. What a gift you are!


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