1. Allen Calhoun
    September 22, 2010 @ 9:03 pm

    Thinking about Acts 16 and the three characters’ reactions to their encounters with the Gospel….All three did something they did not have to do. Lydia “prevailed” on Paul and company to come to her house. The jailor brought them to his house too, and fed them well. A dark reflection of their gratuitous and gracious acts is the legal action of the slave girl’s owners. The slave owners had already lost their hope of gain; the demon was gone. The only thing they had to gain from having Paul and Silas arrested, tried, and imprisoned was the satisfaction of revenge. Perhaps it is natural to respond in some unnecessary, lavish way to any encounter with God. Some are responses of gratitude; others are responses of spite. It seems that when God shows up, the normal and practical response–business as usual–doesn’t seem relevant.


  2. davidmartinhanke
    September 22, 2010 @ 9:18 pm

    very well said, Mr. Calhoun. I do agree– when God shows up, the normal and practical response doesn’t seem relevant. May we be people who delight in God showing up and may we be people who respond appropriately 🙂 Great insight. What a good week of small groups!!


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