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  1. Nancy Klein
    November 29, 2011 @ 1:29 am

    Caught an episode of series called Catholicism on PBS this past weekend. It is not produced by PBS but a religious organization called Word on Fire.


    It is intended as a study guide as well as an evangelical message. I mention it because I found Father Barron’s explanation of the Adam & Eve story to be helpful. He starts by talking about our (humans) need to define and understand our world. Yet God is beyond definition in concrete terms. Then he says that the Tree of Knowledge is a symbol or metaphor for our human attempt to understand or define God on our terms. That Adam & Eve are grasping for understanding and desire to be on the same plane as God. When they realize their folly they hide in the garden of Eden from God only to find that God is everywhere and there is no hiding place.

    This is the first explanation I’ve heard that makes sense to me. Much prefer it to the alternative of original sin and shame. I think many of the stories in the Bible are symbolic. Finding the meaning is the challenge.


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