2015 Vestry Election Results

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with all of our candidates for vestry.  We had such a strong slate this year.  They represent the depth and breadth of our Restoration leadership bench.  I am thankful to God that so many people come forward in so many different venues and offer their experience, talents, and time for the sake of the work that God is doing in our church.  

Restoration, you are generous, creative, and strategic with your resources.  It is my great pleasure and honor to partner with you on so many adventures.

In our polity, your vestry works closely with the rector for the purpose of discerning and funding a strategic plan that guides the programs and activities of the church.  They pray a lot.  They listen to the Holy Spirit and to people in the congregation.  They take faithful risks and careful steps.  They rejoice in the momentum of growth and depth that is happening around our church.

Our plan is called Restoration 2019.  In this space we describe where we hope to be and the route we are taking to get there.  We update it every month with a progress report.

Vestry Election Results

Thank you for praying over and voting in our vestry election.

  • Mike Dodson will join the class of 2016 and complete Isaiah Brooms’ term of service.
  • Dietrich Kuhlmann, Meredith Lloyd, and Becky Mohr will join the vestry as the class of 2018.

The next 2 months will be quite full for them with orientation and transition.  Please pray for your vestry and give thanks to God for our new members.