Election Prayer: part 3

13-14-5-20-18-0-2mPlease join us tonight at 7:30pm in the sanctuary for a special Eucharist service for Election Day.

As we prepare to cast our ballots, let us join together in praying the prayer below.

Holy God, at the dawn of time you fashioned the world and set it on its course. In the fullness of time your Son took flesh and sowed the seeds of a new order, and day by day your Spirit works to bring to birth mercy, justice and peace.

We give you thanks for the United States. In this Spirit we pray for our land and all its people as the nation prepares to elect a new President, Senators and Representatives.

We pray for the women and men who have offered themselves as candidates for public office. May those who are elected set their hearts always on honorable service and the common good.

We pray for the citizens of this much-blessed country, that they may take up their responsibility to vote with wisdom and freedom, and choose what is best for the whole community.

Loving God, to listen to your Son is to be moved to speak up for the unseen and unheard. Give us hearts to heed your Word and mouths to declare your truth. We pray that after the election, Christians will continue to be a voice for the voiceless.

Bless all who are elected to serve the nation; may the wisdom and courage of the Holy Spirit guide them to govern for the good of all.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.