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  1. Samantha
    November 15, 2016 @ 7:13 am

    What a great sermon for such a divisive time for our nation…thanks David!

    It also reminds me of another possible divisive time coming up for many of us—the holidays. Next week is Thanksgiving and I am without a “family” to celebrate with. You see, being single and living in a city far from my family, I find the holidays a little lonely. My parents usually come for Thanksgiving but due to some health issues, can’t make it this year. I have to be honest here in the spirit of transparency– I am looking for invitation. However, as I have thought and prayed about this, the Lord has laid on my heart that I am probably not the only one (just perhaps being the only one bold enough to say it publicly). So I am turning my prayer into something bigger—will you take a look at those around you and offer an invitation to join you for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner? It can be a single person or a couple without immediate family in the area, those who new to the area, a single once again or perhaps a family who is dealing with illness, hurt or a recent loss. Just check in and make sure that everyone has a place to go. I promise that we all have good table manners, make good house guests and will even offer to do the dishes. And please let me know if you have one more place at your table 


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